Mon. Apr 22nd, 2024


'Want Him Back At OpenAI, But...': Vinod Khosla After Sam Altman Sacked

Sam Altman successfully brought OpenAI chatbot, ChatGPT, to global attention.

Sam Altman, who served as the CEO of OpenAI since 2019, was removed from his position by the company’s board on Saturday. The board stated that it had “lost confidence in his ability to continue leading OpenAI.” 

Indian-American billionaire, Sun Microsystems co-founder and venture capitalist Vinod Khosla, who is also a key investor in OpenAI, expressed his support for Sam Altman through a post on X (formerly known as Twitter).

Mr Khosla wrote, “Sam Altman is a once-in-a-generation CEO. He’s an instigator whose positive mark on the world will be indelible, and profound, in every corner of the globe. It’s an honor to work alongside him wherever he is.”

 Vinod Khosla said that he wishes to have Sam Altman back at OpenAI, but they will support him in whatever he chooses to do next.

“To be clear, Khosla Ventures wants Sam Altman back at OpenAI but will back him in whatever he does next,” the tweet read

Regarding the decision to terminate Sam Altman, the board explained that the move “follows a thorough review process,” determining that “he was not consistently candid in his communications with the board, hindering its ability to exercise its responsibilities.” The board cited divergent views with Mr. Altman on various matters, encompassing AI safety, the pace of technological advancement, and the company’s commercialization approach, according to reports. 

The decision has sparked extensive disagreements within the company and among investors. At present, Khosla Ventures remains a key investor in OpenAI, aligning with Microsoft and the Reid Hoffman Foundation as the primary supporters of the organisation. 

Sam Altman successfully brought OpenAI chatbot, ChatGPT, to global attention. His unexpected and mostly unexplained departure has left the industry uncertain about the company’s future. 

OpenAI has appointed Mira Murati, the Chief Technology Officer, as interim CEO, who will lead the company until a permanent replacement is found.


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