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Namma Homoeopathy is an eminent homoeopathic clinic in the health sector. It was established in 2011 under the leadership of Dr. Raghu Prasad More. They have an excellent team of doctors and a well-equipped, determined research team that has been developing different homoeopathic formulas suitable for all kinds of people and for all kinds of chronic diseases, auto-immune diseases, and genetic disorders.
Namma Homeopathy‘s motto is to serve mankind with the best homoeopathic treatment across India. As they have achieved excellent results in almost all chronic, incurable diseases, they have a motive to reach out to all nooks and corners of India by establishing and expanding as many clinics as possible.
Namma Homeopathy recently marked two significant observances, Autism Day and World Homeopathy Day, with engaging and insightful events aimed at fostering community spirit and awareness. These initiatives not only highlighted Namma Homeopathy’s compassionate ethos but also strengthened the trust and relationships among patients, families, and healthcare providers under the banner, “I Trust Namma, I Trust Homeopathy.”
Autism Awareness Day: Empowering through art under the theme ‘Beautiful art by our Namma superstars’
On a day dedicated to fostering deeper connections between children and their families, Namma Homeopathy hosted a special event that celebrated creativity and expression. Under the theme ‘beautiful art by our Namma superstars’, children were invited to participate in a drawing competition, showcasing their artistic talents in a vibrant display of colours and imagination.
This event also served as an awareness initiative for autism. Through the artwork created by the young stars, the aim was to highlight the potential and creativity of children, including those with autism. Namma Homeopathy believes in holistic treatment. As per the brand, they provide promising proven results in autism and other genetic disorders in children with their own well-researched formula DNA HOMEOPATHIC FORMULA.
Their motto is that with the right formulated homoeopathic treatment, supporting and encouraging a child’s artistic skills will not only motivate them but also greatly help their mental, social, and emotional development.
World Homeopathy Day: Advocating natural healing
Namma Homeopathy celebrated World Homeopathy Day as an initiative for patients to share their results and their happiness with Namma Homeopathy.
During the event held at different branches, the patients shared their results, their sufferings prior to taking homoeopathy treatment and how beautifully they had got results, their interactions bonding with doctors, their positive results in cases of chronic, incurable diseases through testimonies, through reports, photos, interactive sessions, discussions about their state of pain to a state of pain-free, from negative state to positive state. These interactions made the staff and the Namma Homeopathy Centre speechless.
All patients had the tagline ‘I Trust Namma. I Trust Homeopathy’. The echoing sentiments of trust satisfaction among the patients, the enthusiasm of patients to share each other’s problems, and the wonderful results each patient got with the help of newly formulated Immunogenic Miasmatic 6th Generation Homeopathic Treatment made them free from all kinds of suffering physically and mentally.
To see their heartfelt emotions and their boundless love surprised and made the staff want to be more responsible and more motivated towards curing many more patients suffering from incurable diseases like bronchial asthma, psoriasis, rheumatoid arthritis, gout, infertility, ADHD, depressive disorder and many more diseases and reach many people across the country to serve the best homoeopathic treatment to the community.
To serve the patients to this extent and give excellent results in all kinds of acute and chronic diseases, the credit goes to the Directors of Namma, the doctors, the staff, and the research team of doctors. This united team works endlessly with lots of dedication, effort, and time, because of which Namma is able to bring those excellent results to the patients.
The vision of Dr. Raghu, founder of Namma Homeopathy

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Dr More Raghu Prasad, Chairman and Managing Director of Namma Homeopathy, has played a pivotal role in merging holistic health practices with conventional medical treatments. With over 14 years of dedicated service in homoeopathy, he has steered Namma Homeopathy to the forefront of holistic healthcare. His approach is deeply rooted in patient-centric care, ensuring that every treatment plan is customised to meet the unique needs of each individual. This commitment reflects his deep dedication to promoting healing and overall well-being. Under his leadership, Namma Homeopathy, a part of Namma Vaidyashaala Pvt Ltd, has emerged as a leader in innovative and effective healthcare solutions.
Strengthening bonds and building trust
Both events were more than just observances, they were a reaffirmation of Namma homeopathy’s commitment to its community. By organising these events, Namma Homeopathy not only celebrated significant days but also strengthened the trust bonds within the patient community. The emphasis on education, awareness, and patient success stories helped demystify homoeopathy and highlighted its role in integrative health practices.
As Namma Homeopathy continues to pioneer efforts in promoting health and wellness through homoeopathy and community engagement, the success of these events offers a glimpse into the potential of holistic health practices in fostering healthier, more informed communities. The enthusiastic participation and positive feedback from the events are a testament to the growing trust and acceptance of homoeopathy as a vital part of healthcare. With initiatives like these, Namma Homeopathy is setting a commendable example in the healthcare sector, demonstrating that patient care extends beyond treatment to empowering and educating communities.
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