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London's Tower Bridge Gets Stuck In Raised Position, Causes Major Traffic Jams

An eyewitness said that people cheered when the bridge closed after a long time.

The iconic Tower Bridge in London was stuck in an open position after it allowed a boat to pass underneath on River Thames on Thursday around 1.15 pm, causing traffic to come to a halt, as per a report in the Independent. At that time, the sailing barge Adieu was supposed to pass beneath the bridge, however, the bridge struggled to close, causing chaos on London’s roads.

According to people present at the spot, the bridge finally closed after more than half an hour. An eyewitness told the outlet, “I first thought it was nice to see the bridge open but then realised something might be wrong due to the different angles. I watched it for a little while. A lot of traffic (built-up) with two tourist buses waiting on the bridge and large crowds.”

He added that people started cheering when the bridge closed after a long waiting time. “I was almost more excited to see a Thames seal which I had never seen before pop up (in the water). There were cheers from the bridge as it eventually closed with bikes first allowed through and then traffic a moment later,” the man said.

As per Metro UK, a vital passage in central London was cut off while the hydraulically driven bascules of the bridge struggled to drop back down.

The movable Tower Bridge is built over River Thames between the Greater London boroughs of Tower Hamlets and Southwark in London, as per Britannica. It is a historic landmark in the city that “complements” the Tower of London, which is located next to it. The bridge was completed in 1894 and has an entrance that is 76 metres (250 feet) broad and 240 metres (800 feet) long. Its twin towers soar 61 metres (200 feet) above the River Thames. There are also two glass-covered walkways between the two towers that are well-liked by tourists.


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