Mon. Feb 26th, 2024

The unusual glitch even has Apple employees stumped.

A woman from the UK took to TikTok and asked for the internet’s help to solve the mystery of the alarm on her iPhone. Angele Sofia in a series of videos claims that she has been haunted by an alarm at 9:25 every morning, despite the fact that she never scheduled it. The unusual glitch even has Apple employees stumped.  

“Am I going to die at 9:25 in the morning?” Angele Sofia wrote in the video.

“Basically, I have an alarm that goes off every morning at 9:25 a.m. without fail,” she said in the clip. “And I do not have an alarm set at 9:25, nor have I ever had an alarm set at 9:25 a.m.”

The woman explained that the issue started “out of the blue” four or five years ago. She recalled, “I was like I didn’t know I set an alarm.” She even checked her phone to see if she had set any alarms. “Every day since I have had an alarm go off at 9:25.”

What’s more bizarre? Well, the alarm only rings when her phone is not on silent and it only goes off once instead of the normal function of going off until the user presses stop or snooze.

Buying a new iPhone doesn’t solve the problem, the glitch continues to “haunt” every phone she buys. 

The woman claimed, “No single Apple employee can seem to figure it out.”

She turned to social media for help. 

A user wrote, “Try adding one at 9:25 and then turn it off and delete it!”

Another user commented, ” I FIGURED IT OUT!! Go to health app>summary tab>sleep>full schedule & options>edit full schedule>scroll down> delete schedule.”

A third user suggested, “It’s your sleep schedule. Which is at the top of your screen called ‘sleep | wake up’ And your alarm is named ‘no alarm’. I know I’m right.”

After trying out all the options, Ms Sofia shared that none of the solutions really helped. She tried deleting the clock, calendar, reminders and all the apps the alarm could come from before doing a reboot, but really worked.  

“I genuinely think at this point there’s nothing I can do,” she said.

The woman refuses to use the factory reset feature. She said, “Number one, the 9:25 alarm is not bad enough to lose everything I have.” She added, “Number two if I factory reset the alarm wins.”


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