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The repertoire of Indian desserts is as vast and varied as the Indian cuisine itself. Halwa, gulab jamun, rabri, kheer – every dish tastes wonderful with its distinct flavours and features. Malpua, the soft pancake that melts in the mouth, is just as irresistible as other dishes. The sugar overload is the only thing that sometimes keeps us away from this delight. But not anymore! Malpua made with **jaggery** (gur) gives us a healthier alternative that tastes just as amazing. Fried to golden perfection and filled with sweetness that won’t scare you, jaggery malpua is perfect for the sweet cravings that never seem to leave us.
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Why Malpua Jaggery?

Jaggery is a natural sweetener made from sugarcane juice or palm sap. It’s unrefined and retains more of the natural nutrients found in sugarcane. This makes Jaggery Malpua not just sweet but also a tad healthier than other sugary desserts. The golden-brown sweetener has been a staple in Indian kitchens for centuries. It’s often considered more than just a sweetener; it’s a symbol of tradition and goodness. The jaggery lends a rich sweetness that’s not overly sugary but incredibly satisfying. It’s complemented by the warmth and gentle crunch of the pancake.

Jaggery Malpua is incredibly versatile. It can be enjoyed in various ways:

As Is: Eat it plain, as it is, for a delightful sugary experience.

With Rabri: Pair it with creamy rabri (sweet condensed milk) for an indulgent treat.

With Curd: Some people enjoy malpua with a dollop of curd for a delightful contrast of flavours.

Whatever you combine it with, a topping of chopped dry fruits makes the dish better and crunchier. So, don’t forget to add them to your jaggery malpua.

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Jaggery Malpua Recipe | How To Make Jaggery Malpua:

First, combine the all-purpose flour, jaggery, cardamom powder, and fennel seeds. Slowly add milk and whisk until you have a smooth, lump-free batter. Make malpuas by pouring a ladleful of the batter into a heated pan with hot ghee. Spread it into a circle. Cook the Malpua until it turns golden brown on both sides.

Remove the Malpua from the ghee and place it on a plate lined with paper towels to remove excess oil. Garnish with chopped nuts and enjoy!

Click here for the step-by-step recipe for jaggery malpua.

With just a handful of ingredients, jaggery malpua manages to capture the heart and soul of Indian sweets, with a healthier touch.


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