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What comes to your mind when we say imli? For most Indians, the answer will surely be the ‘khatti-meethi’ imli candies we relished as children. Don’t you agree? Tamarind, or as well call it imli, is a prized possession in an Indian kitchen. It is a pulpy, zesty fruit that adds some tanginess to your palate. Tamarind is widely used for cooking a range of desi dishes including chutneys, curries, dal, and more. But did you know, imli is a great cleaning agent too? You heard us! If you look into the composition of a bottle of dishwasher, you will find tamarind holding a spot in the ingredient list. In fact, ask your mothers and grandmothers, and they will tell you about the popularity of tamarind as a cleaning agent, years ago. Here, we will help you understand the ways you can use some tamarind to clean kitchen and home appliances. Read on.

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Tamarind As Cleaning Agent: What Makes Imli A Popular Cleaning Agent:

Tamarind is acidic in nature, which makes it a great cleaning agent – much like vinegar and lemon. Alongside the antibacterial properties helps eliminate viruses and keep the appliances and utensils hygienic. But what gives tamarind an upper hand is the texture. The crust of imli is hard, making it easy to use as a scrubber to scrape gunk from utensils and clean oily surfaces. Tamarind is mainly used to clean different types of metals, and when mixed with some salt, the power of tamarind as a cleaning agent increases.

Tamarind is already a popular ingredient in Indian recipes.

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Imli To Clean Utensils: 5 Ways You Can Use Tamarind As Cleaning Agent:

Tamarind to clean the kitchen sink:

We often ignore cleaning the kitchen sink, but that is the area where most of the unseen dirt gets accumulated. After all, all the dirty dishes and other kitchen tools are stored there until cleaning. This is where a portion of imli comes in handy. All you need to do is, sprinkle some salt on the dry sink, scrub with tamarind, and rinse well. In no time, you will get, a disinfected sink ready for the next lot of dirty dishes.

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Tamarind to clean the kitchen chimney:

Kitchen chimneys, when used regularly, accumulate soot and oil. This dirt is often stubborn and hard to clean. The acid in imli helps soften the gunk and clean the oil without much effort.

Tamarind to clean silver utensils and jewellery:

If you notice, you will find silver turning black after a whole, it is mainly because silver reacts to moisture when kept exposed. Unfortunately, no amount of soap helps you get back the shine. We suggest, using tamarind as a cleaning agent and sprinkling some salt for added benefits. Tamarind helps you get back the shine, while salt reaches the hidden parts of your jewelleries and cleans them well.

Tamarind to clean steel utensils:

Steelware is easy to clean. But if not done properly, the odour of your food stays back, making it unhygienic for later use. The quickest tip is to rub some imli and wash the utensil again. The natural odour and anti-viral properties of imli help remove the smell in just no time.

Tamarind to clean copperware and brassware:

Imli has been used to clean copperware and brassware since time immemorial. From utensils to idols and decorative items – you can clean it all with a small portion of imli. Sprinkle some salt on the pot and scrub the appliances with a portion of soaked tamarind. Once done, clean it under running water and pat it dry. You will get the shine back in just no time.

Tamarind to clean rust on metal taps:

The stubborn rust on a tap can be off-putting. It not only ruins the aesthetic of your home and kitchen setup but also makes it hard to use. This is where you should use tamarind as a cleaning agent. Rub some tamarind pulp on the rusty area and let it stay for a while. The tartaric acid helps break down the rust, which you can then scrub off easily with a scrubber or the crust of imli.

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Bonus Tip: Try to get hold of ripe, whole imli, instead of the green, raw ones. Ripening imli helps you get more pulp, further making it a better cleaning agent


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