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Are you someone who always keep a pack of paneer in store? Is the paneer stored in your refrigerator turning too hard? Are you not being able to keep it soft and juicy after frying? Is the chewy, rubbery texture of paneer putting you off? If you answered yes for any of the questions, then fret not, we have got you covered. In this article, we have spilled some genius hacks to keep the much popular desi ingredient fresh and soft for long. All you need to do is, sit back and read through the article! Sounds perfect? So without further ado, let’s get going.
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Why Does Paneer Get Chewy? 5 Reasons For Tough Texture Of Paneer:

Paneer‘s texture depends on two main factors – first, how it is made and second is how paneer gets cooked. Let’s elucidate further.

Reason 1. Paneer preparation mistakes:

Ideally, paneer should be made with full-cream milk. Using low fat milk and adding acid to it decreases its pH level, affecting paneer’s texture. Besides, kneading the curd cheese for long lowers its water and fat content, further adding to paneer’s toughness.

Reason 2. Paneer cooking mistakes:

Over cooking paneer, that too in high temperature, may affect the fat molecules in paneer, resulting in its tough and chewy texture. Hence, it is always suggested to cook paneer on medium heat, until it holds the shape.
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Softening Chewy Paneer : How To Prevent Chewy Paneer:

How To Soften Uncooked Paneer:

If you like keeping paneer in stock for later use, then trick this is just for you. All you need is a bowl of water in room temperature.
– Clean the paneer well in running water.
– Keep it in a bowl and add normal temperature water till half of the paneer.
– Add some salt and turmeric in the water.
– Close the lid and store.

How To Soften Fried Paneer:

You will notice paneer turning hard after cooking. Wonder why? It is because, unknowingly, you might have overcooked it. We have got you a super easy technique to keep the paneer soft even after cooking. This time, you need a bowl of hot water, instead of water in room temperature.
– Cook paneer on medium flame until it gets light brown in colour.
– Keep a bowl of lukewarm water by the side. Add a pinch of salt to it.
– Soak the paneer in water immediately and keep it for around five minutes.
– Strain the water, squeeze the paneer lightly and add to your favourite curry.
Now that you know how to keep cooked and uncooked paneer soft, here are some of the evergreen paneer recipes for you to try.

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