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It’s a dish that provokes intense debates in one of India’s most vegetarian cities. It’s also a dish that brings Indoris together. If ever you’ve been to Indore, the first question people are likely to ask you on your return is if you tried the quintessential Indori breakfast. Poha Jalebi has become synonymous with Indore’s culinary identity almost as much as its status as India’s cleanest city. Indore has been picked as India’s cleanest city under the Swacch Survekshan ratings for six years running, ever since the survey was first conducted in 2016. It makes it even easier to explore the city’s street food scene – one of the most vibrant in the country. A typical Indore Poha is served at least once a week in most Indore homes, the Jalebi is the cherry on the icing and is what sets the poha experience in the city apart.
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 Indori Poha is quite popular in Indian. Image Credit: Ashwin Rajagopalan

Indore’s culinary heritage has been shaped by its diverse demographic with influences from the city’s large Marwari and Maharashtrian communities. crowds. Almost every Indori is a foodie in Indore and has particularly strong opinions about the poha jalebi here. That’s one reason you are unlikely to find a plate of poha jalebi that disappoints and probably why our list is likely to spark a debate among poha lovers in Indore (that’s probably almost everyone in the city). You will find the steam emanating from tall heaps of poha that are topped with finely chopped onions, sev and served with crunchy, piping hot jalebis. It’s particularly comforting on a misty morning in Indore. The jalebis are optional but who would want to miss out on this treat?!

Like most of India’s emerging metros, Indore is witnessing a massive transformation. From a new metro service to world-class malls and a dining scene that’s fast evolving. The city’s culinary landscape offers a great mix of upscale hotels – the Poha jalebi is daily fare in most hotel breakfast buffets, traditional family-owned outlets that have stood the test of time, trendy cafes and bustling food markets. The Poha Jalebi is one of the common threads that connects all these dots. We picked some of our favourite spots to try the classic Indore Poha Jalebi.

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Here Are 7 Of The Best spots in Indore for an authentic Poha Jalebi:

1. Guru ke Pohe

Not easy to find unless you’re a local but well worth the twists and turns that bring you to this popular poha hotspot. The poha is ultra-soft and gets its flavour kick (like most other spots in Indore) from Indore’s signature Jeeravan masala.

Where: Gorakund

2. Head Sahab Ke Pohe

If you’re wondering how one of Indore’s most popular Poha establishments got its name, you’re not alone. It was started by a former Head Constable (hence the name). Their layered usal poha – with a poha base, an usal layer, paneer and then cream with sev is a local legend.

Where: Greater Kailash Road, Old Palasia

3. Epicenter, The Park Indore

If you’d prefer skipping the crowds, you can opt for a finer setting. The Park Indore is located in Indore’s most trendy entertainment and residential zone (close to the shiny new Phoenix Citadel Mall). Epicenter, the hotel’s all-day diner serves poha jalebi as part of its daily breakfast buffet. It’s one of the most buzzed F&B hotspots in the city.

Where: MR 10 Road

4. Madhuram Sweets

Best known in Indore as an iconic sweet shop that dates back to the 1980s, Madhuram Sweets also serves a terrific version of the poha with jalebi. This popular sweet shop also draws regulars for its humungous Bahubali sandwich. I’d also recommend trying the shikanji while you’re here – Rabdi and milk loaded with dry fruits; almost a meal by itself.

Where: Chappan Dukan

5. Anantanand

I spotted a large newspaper clipping with the headline ‘Are you up to the spicy challenge’ as soon as I entered this popular breakfast spot. Anantanad doesn’t just serve terrific poha it also has a reputation (built over decades) for its fiery usal poha. It’s certainly not for mild palates or the faint-hearted, this is one of the spiciest snacks you can try in Indore. If you enjoy spicy fare, their usal poha that adds the goodness of moong dal (green gram) is a must-try.

Where: Jail Road

6. Devnarayan ke Pohe

This popular poha hotspot is close to the Annapurna Mandir and can get quite crowded on Sundays. It’s also one of the most inexpensive plates of poha you can find in the city. You get the same tangy flavours and the flavour kick from the signature Jeeravan masala. I’d strongly recommend that you carry back packets of this spice mix that can add a great twist to any dish.

Where: Annapurna Road, Tejpur Gadbadi

7. Apna Sweets:

A popular sweet and snack destination in Indore. Regulars come back for snacks like the bhutte ki khees (mashed corn) and kachoris, popular sweets like their kopra pak and fully loaded thalis. It’s also one of Indore’s most popular destinations for an authentic poha.

Where: Vijay Nagar

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