Tue. Jun 25th, 2024


Elon Musk calls for expanded legal immigration system during border visit. AFP/File
Elon Musk calls for expanded legal immigration system during border visit. AFP/File

Tech entrepreneur Elon Musk advocated for a significant expansion of the country’s legal immigration system. 

Speaking from Eagle Pass, Texas on Thursday, Musk shared his belief that the United States should welcome hardworking and honest individuals who can contribute positively to the nation. However, he also voiced concerns about the surge of immigrants heading to New York City, warning that the city, already struggling to cope, could serve as a harbinger of broader social service challenges if not addressed promptly.

Elon Musk, founder of SpaceX and Tesla, made headlines when he joined Congressman Tony Gonzales (R-Texas) on a tour of the southern border.

Musk’s visit, which he announced on his social media platform X (formerly Twitter), aimed to assess the immigration situation firsthand. In a live video streamed on his X account, Musk expressed his pro-immigrant stance, asserting that a greatly expanded legal immigration system was needed.

Musk’s visit coincided with growing concerns about the influx of immigrants arriving in New York City. He pointed out that the city was already grappling with the pressure of accommodating large numbers of people. His warning echoed the fears of many that without swift action, the United States could witness a collapse in social services, similar to the situation unfolding in New York.

During the visit, Rep. Gonzales highlighted the safety concerns of local citizens. Musk likened the situation to the popular TV series “Breaking Bad,” stressing the urgency of addressing the challenges faced by communities along the border.

Congressman Gonzales attributed the rise in migrants at the southern border to policies implemented by the Biden administration. He described the situation as a “bad situation all the way around.” 

Musk expressed disbelief at the extent of the problem, prompting Gonzales to provide insights into the daily challenges faced by residents in the midst of the crisis.


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