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South Korea Woman Suffers Cardiac Arrest After Bungee Jumping, Dies On Spot

The woman, whose name hasnt been disclosed, was in her 60s. (Representative pic)

A  woman in South Korea suffered a cardiac arrest and died on the spot after falling from a bungee jumping platform. According to The Independent, the incident took place on February 26. The woman, whose name hasn’t been disclosed, was in her 60s. She fell from a height of eight metres from the platform onto a concrete floor after she tried the bungee jump at a sports facility at the Starfield Anseong Mall in Gyeonggi province. 

The Gyeonggi Nambu Proncincial Police believe that the bungee cord detached because of a defective carabiner cable, which connects the rope to a beam or cane. The cops are still investigating the case and more details are expected to emerge soon. According to the outlet, the police are focusing on whether safety measures were implemented.

At the time of the incident, the woman had safety gear on. However, a carabiner, a kind of safety hook, was not secured. She was taken to a hospital immediately and doctors tried to resuscitate her. But, unfortunately, she did not survive and was pronounced dead one hour after she fell. 

The sports facility at the Starfield Anseong Mall in Gyeonggi province also offers various other experiences, such as climbing.

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Meanwhile, last year in December, a Japanese tourist died after jumping from one of the tallest bungee jump platforms in the world in China. The tourist died just a few hours later after becoming unconscious. The 56-year-old took the 764-foot plunge from the Macau Tower in the Municipality of Macau which resulted in shortness of breath. 

In 2019, a man fell to the ground after his harness snapped during a 330 feet bungee jump in Poland. The fall left the 39-year-old with spinal injuries. The accident occurred at a theme park in Gdynia. Distressing footage of the incident captured the moment the man’s bungee rope snapped, sending him hurtling to the ground after he jumped from a platform. 


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