Mon. Mar 4th, 2024

Iran’s military wing, the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC), and Lebanon-based militant group Hezbollah are behind the Houthi escalation in the Red Sea, according to an exclusive report by Reuters based on four regional and two Iranian sources. The report mentioned that Iran has provided advanced drones, anti-ship cruise missiles, precision-strike ballistic missiles, and medium-range missiles to the Houthis to target commercial ships. Commanders of IRGC and Hezbollah are in Yemen to direct and oversee Houthi attacks on Red Sea shipping. Watch this video to know more. #iran #hezbollah #houthis #redsea #islamicrevolutionaryguardscorps #irgc #hezbollahmilitants #lebanon #redseacrisis #yemen #missiles #drones #commanders #israel #commercialships #israelboundships #attack #middleeasternwaterway #reuters #exclusive #report Hindustan Times Videos brings all the News for the Global Indian under one umbrella. We break down news from across the globe from the unique lens of a Rising India. Tune in for Explainers, Opinions, Analysis and a 360 degree view of big events in India and the World which impact your present and future. Follow the Hindustan Times Channel on WhatsApp for News Alerts, Top Stories and Editor picks. Join Us Today – Subscribe to the Hindustan Times YT channel and press the bell icon to get notified when we go live. Visit our website Follow us on Twitter Follow us on Facebook


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