Sat. Jun 15th, 2024


As announced at the Inspire 2023 event, Microsoft has started rolling out the latest Windows 11 update with 23H2 build to all Windows 11 users running compatible PCs. The update is now available to download for all users and it can be downloaded to get access to all the new features that Microsoft announced for Windows 11 earlier this month.
The firmware version is KB5030310 and it brings all the recently announced features including the new Windows Copilot integration, new File Explorer and more.
How to get the latest Windows 11 features
The latest update that’s rolling out is an optional update. That means, the update can be installed via Windows Update, but users will have to trigger the installation process manually from the Windows Update panel.
To do this, head to Settings and Click on Windows Update.
Now, select the option update option and look for KB5030310 update and hit the ‘Download and Install’ button.
After this, Windows will start downloading the update. Wait for the update process to complete and restart the PC to update your PC.
But, just installing the latest update won’t enable all the latest features announced at the event by the company. To enable them, a couple of extra steps are required.
Steps to enable new Windows 11 features
If you are looking to enable the latest Windows 11 features like Windows Copilot, new File Explorer, etc, then you’ll need to enable “Get the latest updates as soon as they’re available” toggle.
Doing this will download the latest Windows Configuration update which will enable the latest features on the operating system.
If this entire update process does not work for you, then there’s the option to manually download the update package and install it on your system.
Simply head to the Windows 11 Download page and download the latest version of the operating system. Then, run the installer to install it on your system.


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