Mon. Jun 24th, 2024


AirPods are an accessory these days for almost all Apple users. The basic reason behind this is the seamless connectivity AirPods offer across the Apple ecosystem. That said, there are times when users face issues while taking calls using AirPods from their iPhone or while making audio or video calls via instant messaging apps like WhatsApp, iMessage or any other app of their choice.
Basic issues with the AirPods
There’s a chance that the AirPods do not have microphone access. So, head to Settings and grant access. Sometimes, the microphone is muted and that results in issues while making the calls.
If these things are fine with your AirPods and you are still unable to make calls, try cleaning up the AirPods and then try.
If you are still facing the issue, then there’s a possibility that the microphones of the AirPods isn’t working properly.
So, the question is how you should fix this problem?
The solution
The most common solution is to take your AirPods to the Apple Authorised service centre and get them replaced or fixed. However, there’s another way to fix it and Apple has included this right within the Settings app.
So, Apple has included the option for users to use either left or right earbuds as the microphone input for calls or other actions. The default here is Automatic mode which automatically decides which earbud to use for calls.
However, it is likely that one of the earbuds is working fine and if you switch to the right one, then the calling issue can be fixed easily.
How do we do that? Well, the option is right within the AirPods settings. All you need to do is follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Open Settings
  • Tap on AirPods option at the top
  • In the AirPods settings page, scroll down and then choose Microphone option
  • Now, before changing the settings, make a call to someone with whom you can confirm that the voice is going through and then change the settings to left earbud once and try speaking over the call and confirm if the caller is able to listen to your voice. If it is not working, switch to the right one and repeat the same process again.

Most likely, one of the two earbuds will work properly and the voice will go through properly.
There’s a but
Now, we all know that AirPods are equipped with a noise-cancellation feature for calls. Making the switch will most likely reduce the efficiency of the call noise cancellation feature. So, the Microphone settings — Voice isolation, Wide spectrum and Standard — won’t work. The Standard mode will still function, but the Voice isolation and Wide Spectrum feature may get compromised.


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