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Electric geysers have come a long way, incorporating innovations such as digital temperature control, energy-saving features, and enhanced safety mechanisms. They provide efficient heating solutions while allowing you to customize your hot water experience. This guide covers a diverse range of geysers suitable for various requirements, whether you need a compact unit for a small apartment or a high-capacity geyser for a large family. We’ll delve into the key features, specifications, and advantages of each geyser to help you make an informed choice.

In this article, we aim to simplify the process of selecting the ideal electric geyser for your home. We’ll explore the unique features and benefits of each geyser, ensuring that you have all the information necessary to make a decision that aligns with your hot water needs and budget. Whether you prioritize energy efficiency, rapid heating, or advanced safety features, our list covers a diverse selection of electric geysers to cater to a wide range of preferences. So, read on to discover the top choices that can provide you with a reliable supply of hot water throughout the year.

1. Instant Portable Hot Water Heater Geyser Electric

Experience the convenience of hot water within seconds with the Instant Portable Hot Water Heater Geyser. This portable electric geyser allows you to customize the water flow and delivers hot water in just 6 seconds, all while ensuring safety and ease of use. Whether it’s in your bathroom, kitchen, wash area, hotels, or hospitals, this compact and durable ABS plastic geyser has you covered. Its copper inbuilt coil guarantees a safe and long-lasting life. Plus, there’s no need for additional plumbing. Please remember to fill the tank with water during installation, but once set up, you can enjoy hot water without running water with this electric geyser. Embrace the future of hassle-free hot water with this remarkable portable geyser.

Specifications of Instant Portable Hot Water Heater Electric Geyser:

Instant hot water within 6 seconds

Adjustable water flow for temperature control

Portable and easy to carry

Suitable for bathroom, kitchen, wash area, hotels, and hospitals

Durable ABS plastic construction

Copper inbuilt coil for safety and durability

Pros Cons
Provides hot water quickly Does not look like modern solution
Compact and portable design No storage
Versatile use in various locations  
Durable materials for a long lifespan  
Adjustable temperature control  

2. ACTIVA Instant 3 LTR 3 KVA Special Anti Rust Coated 0.7 mm SS Tank Geyser

Introducing the ACTIVA Instant Geyser, a powerful heating solution for your water needs. With a 3000-watt copper heating element, this geyser ensures fast and efficient water heating. This electric geyser is equipped with four-way protection safety features, including an automatic thermostat, thermal cutout, pressure release valve, and fusible plug, guaranteeing long-lasting performance and safety. The 3L stainless steel tank with jointless construction reduces the risk of leakage, ensuring durability. LED indicators on this electric geyser signal when your perfect hot water is ready. The rust-proof ABS body offers additional protection. Say goodbye to rust and corrosion with the seven-tank processed sheet metal body. Please note that product installation is the customer’s responsibility, and any repairs should be done at the service centre.

Specifications of ACTIVA Instant 3 LTR Electric Geyser:

3000-watt copper heating element

Four-way protection safety features

304L stainless steel tank with jointless construction

LED indicator for hot water readiness

Rust-proof ABS body

Seven-tank processed sheet metal body

5-year warranty on inner tank

Pros Cons
Fast and efficient water heating Customer responsible for product installation
Comprehensive safety features Repairs must be done at the service center
Corrosion-resistant tank Not suitable for large families
LED indicator for convenience  
Rust and corrosion protection  
Extended warranty on heating element  

3. AO Smith EWS-3 Glass Lined 3 Litre 3KW Electric Geyser

Experience instant hot water with the AO Smith EWS-3 Instant Water Heater. This compact and high-pressure geyser offers 3 liters of hot water at a rapid 3000-watt heating capacity, perfect for kitchen and bathroom use. The blue diamond glass-lined tank ensures corrosion resistance, while the ABS outer body adds durability. Enjoy a 5-year warranty on the inner tank and an extended 2+1 years on the glass-coated heating element. With a long-lasting anode rod, this geyser thrives even in hard water conditions. Say goodbye to scale formation and extend the heating element’s life. AO Smith brings you reliable and efficient hot water solutions for your daily needs.

Specifications of AO Smith EWS-3 Glass Lined 3 Litre Electric Geyser:

3000-watt heating capacity

Blue Diamond glass-lined tank

ABS outer body

5-year warranty on inner tank

2+1 years extended warranty on glass-coated heating element

Long-lasting anode rod

Pressure rating of 8 Bar

Pros Cons
Rapid water heating Limited storage 
Corrosion-resistant tank Not suitable for large families
Extended warranty on heating element  
Suitable for kitchen and bathroom  
Reliable performance in hard water conditions  

4. Candes Geyser 10 Litre – Perfecto (Ivory), Wall-Mounted Electric Geyser

Discover the Candes Geyser, a 10-liter water heater designed to meet your hot water needs. This wall-mounted electric geyser comes with a 1-year warranty and a host of convenient features. Its stainless steel construction ensures durability, and the Auto Restart feature adds to its user-friendliness. With a wattage of 2000 watts, this geyser provides efficient heating. Whether you need hot water for your bathroom or kitchen, the Candes Geyser delivers with style and reliability. Upgrade your home’s hot water system with this 5-star rated water heater, backed by Candes’ commitment to quality and performance.

Specifications of Candes Geyser 10 Litre Electric Geyser

2000-watt heating capacity

10-litre capacity

Stainless steel construction

Auto Restart feature

1-year warranty

Pros Cons
Ample hot water capacity None
Wall-mounted design saves space  
Auto Restart for convenience  
Durable stainless steel construction  

5. Racold Eterno Pro 15L Electric Geyser

The Racold Eterno Pro 15L electric geyser is a remarkable addition to your home, offering extra durability with its titanium enamelled coating. Its Titanium Plus Technology ensures superior durability and resistance to pressure and water impurities. The Smart Bath Logic feature on this electric geyser lets you save up to 30% electricity with intelligent functions like bucket bath and shower-bath modes. With Smart Guard and Smart Mix, this water heater offers protection against corrosion, energy savings of up to 40%, and longer-lasting hot water. It boasts three levels of safety and high-pressure resistance, making it suitable for high-rise buildings. Racold’s recognition as a Superbrand and BEE Award Winner further attest to its energy efficiency. Get ready for efficient and safe hot water with this outstanding geyser.

Specifications of Racold Eterno Pro 15L Storage Water Heater:

Capacity: 15 litres

Mount Type: Vertical

Warranty: 2 years on product, 3 years on heating element, 7 years on tank

BEE Star Rating: 4

Power: 2000 Watts

Pros Cons
Superior durability with titanium enamelled coating Inlet and outlet pipes not included with the product
Energy-saving Smart Bath Logic feature  
Three levels of safety for peace of mind  

6. Havells Instanio 10 L Electric Geyser

The Havells Instanio 10L electric geyser offers efficient and convenient hot water for your home. Its ABS body and powerful 2000-watt heating element ensure durability and quick heating. The multi-function valve prevents pressure from exceeding 8 bars, making it suitable for high-rise buildings. With Whirlpool Technology, this geyser optimizes energy usage, resulting in 20% more hot water output. The colour-changing LEDs indicate the water’s temperature. Havells backs this electric geyser with a 7-year warranty on the inner container, a 4-year warranty on the heating element, and a 2-year comprehensive warranty. Upgrade your hot water system with Havells Instanio and enjoy a reliable and energy-efficient solution.

Specifications of Havells Instanio 10L Electric Geyser:

Capacity: 10 litres

Power Source: Electric

Material: Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS)

Warranty: 7 years on inner container, 4 years on heating element, 2 years comprehensive

Pros Cons
Ultra-thick super cold rolled steel plates for corrosion resistance None
Whirlpool Technology for optimized energy usage  
Colour-changing LEDs for temperature indication  

7. V-Guard Divino 5 Star Rated 15 Litre Elecrtric Geyser

The V-Guard Divino 15L electric geyser is a 5-star rated and highly energy-efficient solution for your hot water needs. It features advanced 4-level safety and is suitable for hard water usage, thanks to its Vitreous Enamel Coating and Incoloy 800 Heating Element. With reduced leakage and resistance to corrosion, this geyser ensures longevity. This electric geyser can withstand high pressure, making it ideal for high-rise buildings and pressure pump applications. Enjoy hygienic and pungent-free water with multi-layer protection against corrosion and scaling with this electric geyser. The temperature control knob and stylish Twin LED Display Indicators add to its convenience and functionality. Get the best in hot water technology with V-Guard Divino.

Specifications of V-Guard Divino 15L Electric Geyser:

Capacity: 15 litres

BEE Star Rating: 5

Suitable for up to 8 bar pressure

Temperature control knob (25-75°C)

Pros Cons
Highly energy-efficient with 5-star rating Inlet and outlet connection pipes available at an additional cost
Advanced safety features  
Hygienic and pungent-free water  

8. Bajaj Majesty PC Deluxe Storage 25 Litre Vertical 4 Star Electric Geyser

The Bajaj Majesty PC deluxe electric geyser is a high-capacity geyser designed for your hot water needs. With a 25-litre capacity and 4-star BEE rating, it provides ample hot water efficiently. Its pre-coated sheet metal body with stardust design adds a touch of elegance to your bathroom. The Titanium Armour Technology prevents corrosion and rusting, ensuring a longer lifespan. Swirl Flow Technology guarantees 2% more hot water. Multiple safety systems protect against dry heating, overheating, and overpressure. Bajaj offers a 2-year warranty on this electric geyser, 3 years on the heating element, and 7 years on the tank. Experience consistent and reliable hot water with the Bajaj Majesty PC Deluxe.

Specifications of Bajaj Majesty PC Deluxe Electric Geyser:

Capacity: 25 litres

BEE Star Rating: 4

Power: 2 Watts

Pros Cons
High-capacity storage for ample hot water Installation and pipes not included in the warranty
Elegant pre-coated sheet metal body  
Swirl Flow Technology for increased hot water output  

Best 3 features of electric geyser for you

Product Name Feature 1 Feature 2 Feature 3
Instant Portable Hot Water Heater Geyser Electric Rapid Heating Portability Easy Installation
ACTIVA Instant 3 LTR Powerful Heating Element 4-Way Safety LED Indicator
AO Smith EWS-3 Glass Lined 3 Litre 3KW Electric Geyser Corrosion-Resistant Glass Lining Glass-Coated Heating Element Long-lasting Anode Rod
Candes Geyser 10 Litre – Perfecto (Ivory) Wall-Mounted Design 5-Star Rating Titanium Armour Technology
Racold Eterno Pro 15L Electric Geyser Titanium Enamelled Coating Smart Bath Logic High Pressure Resistance
Havells Instanio 10 L Electric Geyser Ultra-Thick Steel Plates Whirlpool Technology Colour-changing LEDs
V-Guard Divino 5 Star Rated 15 Litre Electric Geyser BEE 5 Star Rating Anti-Corrosive Coating Hygienic & Pungent-Free Water
Bajaj Majesty PC Deluxe Storage 25 Litre Electric Geyser High-Capacity Storage Pre-coated Sheet Metal Body Swirl Flow Technology

Best value for money

The Havells Instanio 10 L Electric Geyser stands out as the best value for money choice. With its ultra-thick steel plates, Whirlpool Technology for energy efficiency, and colour-changing LEDs to indicate water temperature, it offers a winning combination of durability, performance, and user-friendly features without breaking the bank.

Best overall product

The AO Smith EWS-3 Glass Lined 3 Litre 3KW Electric Geyser earns the title of the best overall product. Its corrosion-resistant glass lining, glass-coated heating element, and long-lasting anode rod ensure durability and water quality. The 3KW heating element delivers rapid hot water, making it suitable for both kitchen and bathroom applications. With a 5-year warranty on the inner tank and 2+1* years extended warranty on the glass-coated heating element, it provides peace of mind for years to come.

How to find the right electric geyser?

To find the right electric geyser, consider these factors. First, determine your hot water needs in terms of capacity. For small spaces, a 3-litre geyser like ACTIVA Instant 3 LTR electric geyser may suffice, while larger households may require 15-litre options like Racold Eterno Pro.

Next, assess energy efficiency. Look for higher BEE star ratings like the V-Guard Divino with a 5-star rating, ensuring lower energy consumption and cost savings.

Consider safety features such as thermal cut-off, pressure relief valves, and thermostat control. Havells Instanio offers 4-way safety for added protection.

Lastly, factor in your budget. Candes Geyser 10 Litre offers a cost-effective 5-star rated option, while AO Smith EWS-3 combines quality and value for money. Ensure proper installation and maintenance to prolong the geyser’s lifespan.


Question : How does a geyser work?

Ans : Geysers use heating elements to warm water. When you turn on the tap, cold water flows into the geyser, gets heated, and is then delivered as hot water.

Question : What size of geyser do I need for my home?

Ans : The size depends on your hot water requirements. For a small household, a 10-liter geyser like Havells Instanio may be sufficient, while larger families may need a 25-liter option like Bajaj Majesty.

Question : What’s the advantage of a glass-lined tank?

Ans : A glass-lined tank, like in AO Smith EWS-3, resists corrosion, ensuring clean and safe water. It extends the geyser’s lifespan and maintains water quality.

Question : Do geysers have temperature control?

Ans : Yes, many geysers, including V-Guard Divino, offer temperature control knobs that allow you to adjust the hot water temperature to your preference.

Question : Can geysers be installed in high-rise buildings?

Ans : Yes, geysers like Racold Eterno Pro and V-Guard Divino are designed to withstand high pressure and are suitable for use in high-rise buildings and pressure pump applications.

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