Sat. Feb 24th, 2024

Users of e-commerce platforms like Amazon and Flipkart pose a great challenge from fake reviews. These counterfeit reviews are compelling the digital retailers to adopt better strategies to stop tricksters who are trying to improve product ratings with fraud content. For example, e-commerce giant Amazon removed tens of thousands of reviews identified as fake and has also pursued legal action against those spreading these fake reviews through Facebook groups. A couple of years ago, the UK’s antitrust regulator also initiated an official inquiry into this issue.
To tackle this problem, Mozilla started testing a new built-in “Review Checker” feature for its Firefox browser last week. The feature rates the reliability of a product’s customer reviews. In a statement to Verge, Firefox’s senior director of product management Byron Jourdan has also confirmed that the company is testing the functionality “with a limited audience in the United States”.
How Mozilla Firefox’s “Review Checker” will work
Firefox’s Review Checker feature will allow users to filter out reviews that can’t be trusted. This tool is expected to be accessible through a price tag icon located in the browser’s URL bar. The option will open a sidebar to display information about the currently viewed product page.
The tool will also be able to evaluate the reliability of the product’s reviews, assign them a grade, present an “adjusted rating” on a five-star scale with “unreliable reviews excluded,” and highlight key excerpts from the existing reviews.
Mozilla using Fakespot‘s technology
The Review Checker feature will use the technology from a company named Fakespot. Earlier this year, Mozilla acquired this firm and described it as one that utilises a sophisticated artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) system to identify patterns and resemblances within reviews.
This helps the technology to flag reviews that are most likely to be misleading. The acquisition was aimed at integrating this technology into the Firefox browser to equip its users with the best tools to filter out deceptive reviews, the report states.
Previously, Fakespot offered its review analysis services through its website as browser extensions for platforms like Chrome, Safari and mobile apps for both iPhones as well as Android devices. While announcing the acquisition Mozilla assured that Fakespot would continue supporting all major web browsers and mobile devices. However, being integrated as a native feature in Firefox is expected to enhance Fakespot’s visibility and reach among Firefox users.
As per the report, Jourdan noted that Mozilla’s commitment to the ongoing testing will assess if the feature has the potential to enhance user’s browsing experience.

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