Sat. Jun 15th, 2024


Evernote has been considering a new strategy that would encourage more users to upgrade to the paid version of its service. It has been conducting a small test where it has imposed limitations on the number of notes that free users can create, but the company says that the new plan is still in the experimental phase and has not been finalised yet.
An Evernote user told TechCrunch about the test the company is conducting.Users who log in are presented with a pop-up message stating that they will be limited to only one notebook and 50 notes unless they upgrade to a paid plan. This change would greatly affect longtime Evernote users who have accumulated hundreds or thousands of notes over the years, as it would significantly restrict the service.
Evernote has confirmed to TechCrunch that it is testing limits on notes, however the change is not yet final. The company has been conducting a test with less than 1% of its free users to determine whether it will implement the new plan. If the company decides to go ahead with the plan, it will then communicate the changes across “the relevant customer touchpoints,” as explained by a representative for the company.
The company says that the limit will not prevent free users from managing, editing, viewing, exporting, or deleting their existing notes, even if they have more than the limit. The limit will only restrict the user’s ability to create new notes, unless they become a paying customer.
As of now, Evernote’s website explains that free users have certain limitations such as 60 MB of monthly uploads or 25 MB maximum note size. Meanwhile, the personal and professional plans, which are currently discounted to $10.83 (Rs 333.25) per month and $14.17 (Rs 433.33) per month respectively, offer support for larger notes and uploads, syncing to unlimited devices, and other additional features.
A representative for the company told TechCrunch that the website had not been updated because the change was not yet final.
Evernote, once valued at nearly a billion dollars, struggled for years before being acquired by Bending Spoons. The company lost top executives in 2018 and laid off 15% of its workforce. Despite generating $100 million in revenue under a new CEO, Evernote struggled to compete with newer rivals like Notion and was eventually acquired by Bending Spoons, which laid off 129 employees, citing years of unprofitability.


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