Wed. Jun 19th, 2024


The CIA is developing an AI tool similar to ChatGPT to help them sift through a vast amount of public information for clues.
Officials have revealed that the Central Intelligence Agency plans to launch a feature similar to OpenAI’s ChatGPT to leverage artificial intelligence to provide analysts with better access to open-source intelligence, reports Bloomberg. The program will be trained using publicly available data and will provide sources along with their answers, helping agents verify the credibility of the information provided.
“We’ve gone from newspapers and radio to newspapers and television, to newspapers and cable television, to basic internet, to big data, and it just keeps going,” Randy Nixon, director of the division, said in an interview with Bloomberg. “We have to find the needles in the needle field.”
The CIA’s Open-Source Enterprise division is working on the AI tool, and it will be a chatbot, as Nixxon considers it to be logical to get the tool distributed quicker. The AI tool will be made available to intelligence agencies in the near future.
Nixon says that the agents can use the tool to look up the information across the sea of public data and then ask follow-up questions, which will only keep adding to the collection of information with no restrictions other than the cost involved.
“The scale of how much we collect and what we collect on has grown astronomically over the last 80-plus years, so much so that this could be daunting and at times unusable for our consumers,” Nixon said. He pictures the tool, allowing a scenario “where the machines are pushing you the right information, one where the machine can auto-summarise, group things together.”
The AI tool will be accessible within the 18-agency US intelligence community, which comprises the CIA, the National Security Agency, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and several military-run agencies. However, policymakers and the public will not have access to this tool.
The agency has not yet disclosed the model it will use as the foundation for its new tool. Additionally, it has not clarified how it plans to safeguard information from being accessible on the public Internet, a challenge that many large organisations still face and are attempting to mitigate through the implementation of guardrails. Nixon said that the agency strictly adheres to US privacy laws.


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