Mon. Jun 24th, 2024


Google has started rolling out the ChromeOS 117 software update for Chromebook users. This will be a major update for Chromebooks that will add Material You, as well as other usability enhancements to the operating system. ChromeOS 117 with Material You will be rolling out over the coming days and weeks.
ChromeOS 117: Material You redesign
The Material You redesign can be noticed in the Quick Settings. Each control that is placed in a circle has been replaced by rounded rectangles in the grid layout. Options like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Nearby Share, Cast Screen and VPN will come inside rectangular boxes. Also, the Screen Capture and Do Not Disturb options will be placed inside smaller cards. Tapping on this option will allow users to access more inline settings. Google has explained the changes as “bigger buttons, less pagination, and a separate notification panel.”
Users will also be able to access a volume slider with a Live Caption button that can be adjusted more with a tap. Moreover, the brightness and Night Light options will also have a sliding panel that’ll enable users to switch between Dark and Light themes.
The bottom row will also have a power button that will open the Power off, Restart, Sign out, and Lock menu. Users will also get battery and time remaining, as well as a shortcut to the full Settings app, at the right.
A new camera and microphone privacy indicator is also set to arrive next to the notifications section These indicators will notify users when their camera and microphone is being used actively. Just like on Android, users will be able to toggle on/off access. Until then it will just be a green status dot.
ChromeOS 117: New Calendar view
ChromeOS 117 will move the date to the left of the shelf. The update will also change the Calendar View and will add a “Join” video call button for upcoming meetings. ChromeOS 117 also brings support for multi-day events.
ChromeOS 117: Adaptive Charging
The latest software update will add an Adaptive Charging option in the settings. This new option will not be available on all devices right away. However, on supported devices, users will be able to manage the option in Settings > Device > Power.
In a blog post, Google explains: “Devices with Adaptive Charging enabled via Settings charge to 80% and then complete charging to 100% based on an ML model’s prediction for when the user will unplug their device. Reducing the time a device spends at 100% charge helps preserve the battery’s health and ability to hold a charge over the lifetime of the device.“
ChromeOS 117: Dynamic Colour-themed to match browser wallpapers
Apart from the browser being updated with Material You, Google is also applying Dynamic Colour theming based on the user’s wallpaper. Just like Android, users will be able to choose between four accent colours.
However, users can turn it off entirely for “more basic neutral colours”. This will also adapt to the system’s light/dark theme. Users will be able to control this from the Wallpaper & style app. This app can be accessed by right-clicking on the desktop.
Other notable improvements

  • The ability to search for GIFs in the emoji picker
  • Users will be able to listen to audio from an Android app and the web at the same time without one pausing the other.
  • Time-lapse video recording in the Camera app
  • Apart from accessing the Clipboard with Launcher + V, it will also appear in the right-click menu as “Paste from clipboard.”
  • Users looking for the status of their OS version, battery, RAM, storage, or CPU, in Launcher, will be able to see that information previewed in the search results.


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