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NEW DELHI: The Arun Jaitley Stadium is all decked up for the upcoming World Cup. As the ICC World Cup Trophy made a stop at the venue here on Thursday, the Delhi and District Cricket Association (DDCA) asked its ground staff, headed by chief curator Ankit Datta, to do the unveiling even as other senior administrators were present at the ceremony.
This was a gesture from the association to acknowledge the hours put in by the staff to get the venue in shape.
After the IPL earlier this year, ground staff swung into action to make two new pitches on the centre square, along with two new strips in the practice areas. The square was dug up one-and-a-half feet to create the two extra pitches on either side of the main square, besides preparing one new pitch each at the practice area. The process generally takes four months but it was completed inside two months to keep the surfaces ready for the World Cup.
The idea is to provide better practice facilities for teams at the centre square, besides the practice area.
“A lot of work has gone into the outfield and ground maintenance. Making new pitches is a special effort. We have got Bermuda Selection 1 grass for the outfield so that it maintains its lush look. We have also bought a cover from England that covers the entire ground. It will be easier to start the game if there is rain around,” DDCA president Rohan Jaitley told TOI.
The infrastructure has also received a major boost. Every seat around the stadium has been changed. The structures don’t wear the dilapidated look. “Special emphasis has been put on the experience for the fans. The infrastructure has been overhauled, not just renovated. Washrooms have undergone major work. The dressing rooms have been renovated. Water dispensers have been installed at every corner and every air conditioning vent has been redone,” Jaitley added.

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