Sat. Feb 24th, 2024

The third and final T20I of the series between India and Afghanistan saw a thrilling double ‘Super Over’ finish, with the hosts eventually clinching the second tie-breaker to sweep the series 3-0. But what the close finish also once again highlighted is the fact that how every run saved in the field can at times determine the outcome of the match.
That put into perspective Virat Kohli‘s brilliant effort in the match, when he saved a certain six with a last-second leap to almost turn it into a catch before he had to throw the ball back into play without touching or crossing the fence.

Then in the first ‘Super Over’, his rocket throw from the deep led to Gulbadin Naib’s run-out.

The effort in the field won the 35-year-old Kohli ‘Best Fielder of the Series’ award by the team management and praise from fileding coach T Dilip.
The video of the ceremony in the dressing room shows Dilip hailing Kohli’s ‘intensity’ in the field.
“This guy (Kohli) has shown time and again in split-second decision-making. The way he keeps coming, saving runs, putting dives, going for hotspots, you can’t take your eyes off none other than Virat Kohli,” said Dilip.

“This is the intensity the man gives to the team. He not only does his job so well but apart from that he inspires everyone. It is a great opportunity to play along with him. I would like the other youngsters to come up and start replicating half of what he does, (then) the whole team will look different,” Dilip added.
The fielding coach further recalled how Kohli expressed his desire to be in the thick of things on the West Indies tour.
“He won two (best fielder) medals in the World Cup. I still remember in the West Indies (before the World Cup), when he told me that he didn’t want to stand in slips, wanted to do it at short or fine-leg; challenging the youngsters that he wanted to be the best in the World Cup, and he showed that,” said Dilip.

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