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FIFA President Gianni Infantino has rubbished the idea of having ‘blue cards’ being introduced in the elite-level of football.

The International Football Association Board’s (IFAB) made a proposal for so-called ‘blue cards’ to be introduced in the game alongside the normal yellow and red ones.

However, Infantino said that the topic is non-existent for FIFA and claimed that he wasn’t aware about the topic before it caught the attention of the public eye.

Infantino joked that the title for him would be ‘it is a red card to the blue card.’ The FIFA Chief said that while they’re open to new ideas and proposals, they would be looking to protect the essence and tradition of the game.

“There will not be any blue cards used at elite level. This is a topic that is non-existent for us,” Infantino told reporters on Friday, arriving at the IFAB’s meeting at Loch Lomond in Scotland.

“FIFA is completely opposed to blue cards. I was not aware of this topic – as the president of FIFA. I think FIFA has a say in IFAB. If you want a title, ‘it is red card to the blue card.’

“We are always open to look at ideas and proposals. But once you look at it, you also have to protect the essence and tradition of the game. There is no blue card.”

What was the Blue card proposal all about?

The blue card was an idea proposed by the IFAB to bring about a change to the game of football. According to the Telegraph, the blue card will sit alongside the yellow and red ones.

The rule, if it were enforced, could have seen a player being sent to the sin-bins for 10 minutes during the match for a blue card. If a player does get a second blue card after coming back from suspension, it would mean that he/she would be shown the red card.

This is similar to the rules in field hockey, where the green and yellow cards are used.

FIFA had posted on the day the plans of the blue card was leaked and said that it wasn’t going to be introduced in the elite level.

“Fifa wishes to clarify that reports of the so-called ‘blue card’ at elite levels of football are incorrect and premature.”

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Mar 2, 2024


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