Tue. Jun 25th, 2024


India stands for unity in diversity, where not only amalgamation of culture, religion, and languages are present, but regional diversity is also respected. However, one such incident took place in Mumbai’s Mulund East where a Marathi woman was denied an office space Shivsadan Building.

The shocking video of the same has gone viral, where the Gujarati father and son could be seen lashing out at Trupti Deorukhkar saying that they will not give a house to Marathi people.

Here’s the video:

With the issue taking political row, and the government being targeted by the opposition, the Mulund Police have detained both the accused. As per the report, filed by Mumbai Tak, the name of the father-son duo is Praveen Thakkar and his son Nilesh Thakkar.

In a follow-up of the video, after Trupti Deorukhkar’s video went viral on social media, MNS workers in Mulund asked Praveen Thakkar to apologize to the Marathi person.

Internet reacts:

Reacting to the incident, Shams Ur Rehman Alavi wrote on X, “Society must have inclusivity. Many people take too much pride in their vegetarianism and turn discriminate, otherise, and exclude the citizens on community, caste, and linguistic lines. There should be action against the bigotry and a law should be framed. Besides, reward inclusive societies, give them land at less rate.”

Another uses Parsad Vedpathak wrote, “I’m speaking about this since so many years. Living in Ghatkopar I have faced all this since the past 25years. Ghatkopar East was the place to witness worlds only pure veg subway , I had even covered that on my Vlog channel. The only solution to this is financial growth of the local community.”


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