Mon. Apr 22nd, 2024


NEW DELHI: A 19-year-old son of an Israeli diplomat who was held for running over a police officer in the US was beaten up in a jail in Florida over a chat on “ingredients of the sausages,” the New York Post reported.
Avraham Gil had returned to the Miami-Dade County Jail to update his mugshot when got engaged in a conversation on sausages with an inmate Blake Elvis Ermus when got attacked.
“Was having a conversation with the defendant (Ermus) about the ingredients of the sausages. At some point, the defendant approached the victim and punched him multiple times,” a report said.
Gil was sentenced to house arrest for hitting a Sunny Isles police officer on January 27 by his motorcycle.
Ermus was in jail on a misdemeanor domestic assault charge and was later charged with felony violence by a detainee, according to jail records.
Facing multiple felony charges for assault on law enforcement officers, Gil has been under the scanner for violation of traffic rules many times, with assault on Sunny Isles being the recent one.
Gil was found ineligible for the immunity provided to diplomats and their families in the United States.
“The Department is aware of this incident. We can confirm that, as the dependent of an Israeli consular officer, the concerned individual is not entitled to civil or criminal immunity,” the US State Department said in a statement.


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