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Amid renewed violence in Manipur following the tragic killing of two students, the Union Home Ministry has ordered the return of senior Srinagar police official Rakesh Balwal to the northeastern state. This decision, made nearly a month after the Home Ministry recognized the need for more officials in Manipur due to its precarious law and order situation, underscores the severity of the situation. Balwal, an IPS officer of Manipur cadre who was stationed in Jammu and Kashmir, had previously served as Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) in Srinagar and was involved in the investigation of the 2019 Pulwama terror attack. The recent violence erupted after two missing Meitei students were found murdered, leading to protests and clashes with authorities. Consequently, mobile internet services were once again suspended in the troubled region. Dig Deeper

The recent violence erupted after two missing Meitei students were found murdered, leading to protests and clashes with authorities. (PTI/File)
The recent violence erupted after two missing Meitei students were found murdered, leading to protests and clashes with authorities. (PTI/File)

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S. Jaishankar, with his deep knowledge of Washington DC, has been instrumental in fostering a stronger India-US partnership. His recent visit to the US aimed at maintaining and deepening bilateral ties, despite the complicating factor of Canada’s allegations linking Indian agents to a killing on its soil. Jaishankar identified two priority areas for India-US cooperation: technology and global south engagement. The existing framework for technology cooperation, known as iCET, forms a solid foundation for their partnership. Both countries share concerns about Chinese activities, which further bolsters their relationship. The challenge lies in compartmentalizing the Canada issue and ensuring it doesn’t disrupt the broader momentum of their relationship. Dig Deeper

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The Latest News

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India News

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Global Matters

Donald Trump adviser calls GOP debate ‘a joke,’ former president skips the event. Dig Deeper

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Fire contained after powerful blast near airport in Uzbekistan’s Tashkent. Dig Deeper

Sports Goings

India clinched their sixth gold medal at the Asian Games, led by their exceptional shooting team on Day 5. The men’s air pistol squad, comprised of Arjun Singh, Sarabjot Singh, and Shiva Narwal, secured victory with a total score of 1733, staging a remarkable comeback. Arjun and Sarabjot also advanced to the individual final, finishing 4th (199 points) and 8th (113.3) respectively. Despite their strong performances, China narrowly missed first place by just one point, with Vietnam taking third at 1730. India’s initial struggle was transformed by Arjun’s impressive rally, culminating in a thrilling silver medal win. Dig Deeper

Entertainment Focus

Renowned filmmaker Vishal Bhardwaj has expressed optimism about collaborating with Shah Rukh Khan in an upcoming film. While discussing his Netflix project “Khufiya,” Bhardwaj confirmed that Shah Rukh Khan has a cameo in the film. He revealed that they have been attempting to work together for a while, even announcing a film in the past that ultimately didn’t materialize. However, Bhardwaj believes the time has come for their collaboration and that a film together is on the horizon. Shah Rukh Khan has also expressed a similar sentiment, indicating their shared enthusiasm for the project. Despite previous attempts, their partnership seems destined to happen. Dig Deeper

Lifestyle and Health

Today’s fast-paced lifestyles are endangering heart health, leading to a rise in heart attacks, cardiac arrests, and heart conditions. India accounts for a significant share of global cardiovascular disease-related deaths, often attributed to unhealthy lifestyle choices. On World Heart Day, it’s crucial to differentiate between heart attack, heart failure, and sudden cardiac arrest. A heart attack occurs when blood flow to the heart is blocked, while heart failure is when the heart can’t pump enough blood. Sudden cardiac arrest involves a sudden loss of heart activity due to irregular rhythms. Early recognition of symptoms and regular check-ups are essential to maintaining heart health and preventing complications. Dig Deeper

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