Sat. Jun 15th, 2024


As the 10-day celebration of Ganesh Chaturthi draws to a close, devotees are bidding farewell to Lord Ganesha through the ritual of Ganesh Visarjan. Homes across the nation welcomed the revered idol of Lord Ganesha, each one unique in its material and design. From traditional brass to eco-friendly, wooden, crystal, and more, there is a plethora of choices. But have you ever heard of a Ganpati idol made from wafers? No, right? A recent Instagram video is creating quite a buzz with this unconventional twist.
In the video, shared by Instagram handle @bombayfoodie_tales, you can see a magnificent white Ganpati idol, and then the camera takes you on a delightful journey through an assortment of wafers, including various shapes of banana chips, thinly sliced potato chips, and other colourful delights. With the skilled hands of an artist and the magic of hot glue, these wafers find their way onto the Ganpati idol. The result is a unique and eye-catching creation, adorned with yellow, green, red, and white wafers. The caption aptly reads, “First Time In Mumbai Wafer Ganpati!” 
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Take a look at the video below:

The video has taken the internet by storm and garnered 2.7 million views and over 200k likes till now. 
In 2021, one such news took the internet by storm, where a Ludhiana-based baker created a 200-kg idol of Lord Ganesha out of Belgian chocolate. According to reports, it took 10 chefs, over 10 days to prepare this edible Ganesh idol, which was not immersed later. Click here for the detailed news.
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