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Boiled potatoes are a staple in many Indian households. From parathas to aloo puri, this particular vegetable is a must. The meal seems incomplete without aloo ki sabzi. Agree? But the entire process of boiling the potatoes and waiting for them to cool down so that we can peel the skin is quite daunting. Now, the burning question is – is there a quicker way to peel potatoes without sacrificing your fingertips to the heat? Well, an Instagram video making waves on the internet offers a simple solution for peeling boiled potatoes.
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Instagram page ‘Ankitanoop’, in a post, shared the potato peeling hack using a ladle. The video showcases the woman arranging the boiled potatoes on a plate. First, she cuts them in half. Next, she employs a skimmer ladle, typically used for retrieving fried puris, to peel the potatoes. Wondering how is it possible? She placed the half potato in the ladle and pressed it gently, following which the potato slid on the plate and the peel got collected on top of the skimmer ladle. Next, she pulled out the peel and continued the process with other potatoes.

Take a look at the video below:

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The video turned out to be a hit on social media with 4.7 million views. Many people appreciated the woman for sharing the mindful hack, however, some found it “unnecessary.” 

A user wrote, “Good idea.”

Another user added, “Thank you for the hack.”

A person penned, “Ek number idea.”

However, a section of Instagram users felt that the hack would only double their work. One of them said, “Esa karne se to kaam or bad jayega [ This will only increase work]”

Another user commented: “Mujhe Idea Pasand Nahin Aaya [ I did not like the idea]”

A person recommended, “Pehle hi chill lo fatafat fir boil karlo [one can peel even before boiling]”

“Aalu chilna is zada easy thn extra bartn dhona [Peeling potatoes is easier than washing utensils],” read a comment. 


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