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Motherhood is a great journey that a woman can embrace with pride and responsibility; of course, a big thumbs up, but wait, what you are struggling with post-pregnancy, we discuss this here. Every woman goes through a whole host of changes in their postpartum body concerning the contour, skin texture and tone, hormonal shift, and body weight. As a result, extra fat deposits to the localized areas, saggy/ loose skin, lax abdominal muscles, stretch marks, and loss of skin elasticity are common concerns that a mom may experience after childbirth, requiring a set of cosmetic procedures known as mommy makeover to meet the sculpted body goal and youthfulness. But what set of procedures would be the best in your case or problem status requires a thorough evaluation with a board-certified plastic surgeon. (Also read: Postpartum tips: How to care for your hair and skin after childbirth )

Post-pregnancy body changes: 5 cosmetic solutions to embrace your new self(Freepik)
Post-pregnancy body changes: 5 cosmetic solutions to embrace your new self(Freepik)

5 Cosmetic Solutions to Navigate Post-Pregnancy Body Changes

Dr. Karishma Kagodu, MBBS, MS- General Surgery, MCh- Plastic Surgery shared with HT Digital five cosmetic solutions that women can consider to help boost their confidence and embrace their new selves.

1. Tummy tuck (Abdominoplasty)

Pregnancy changes your body in several ways, and loose skin in the abdominal area is one of the top concerns. As your baby grows in your belly, the skin needs to expand, resulting in loss of skin elasticity, which means that the skin may not be able to bounce back to its pre-pregnancy state, leading to loss of skin. Tummy tuck surgery helps remove unwanted fat and excess/saggy skin from the abdomen, effectively tightening and contours the tummy profile.

2. Breast Augmentation and lift

Post pregnancy, a woman can experience saggy breasts/ breast ptosis or concerns associated with the shape, size, or volume of the breast profile. If the concern is loss of volume or smaller size, breast augmentation is performed to restore the contour and shape and enhance the size of the breasts. Either silicone or saline implants or fat transfer breast augmentation can be performed based on the patient’s unique goal, problem status, and realistic expectations. The saggy breast concern is addressed with breast lift surgery, where the plastic surgeon makes small incisions around the breast to lift it back into a firm position. Moreover, nipples are also removed and placed in the right position to attain a more youthful height.

3. Liposuction

The pregnancy, delivery and the associated changes in hormones can lead to extra weight as well as unwanted, extra fat around the thighs, abdomen, hips, arms and flank. Liposuction involves small incisions, suction, and the removal of fat cells that provide permanent body contour improvement in problem areas.

4. Non-surgical skin tightening

Surgical procedures can be avoided by tightening loose skin using procedures such as radiofrequency, for instance, Morpheus8 and laser therapy. The non-invasive option that addresses loose skin concerns is also quick, efficacious, timely and results-proven. The demands are high in terms of relatively nonstop uptime and lower operational costs compared to surgeries.

5. Medifacials, laser carbon peel and topical skincare

This is a medical grade skin rejuvenation procedural that involves medifacials and carbon lasers for mild action like soft exfoliation of skin, cleansing and enriched nourishment. Carbon laser treatment stimulates collagen production to treat blackheads, acne scars, melasma, photoageing etc., while medi- facial treatments address skin problems arising out of stress, hormonal imbalances, reducing signs of ageing among others. In addition, the frequent application of non-comedogenic moisturisers helps to keep stretch marks at bay.

Essentially, each patient is an individual and would need a specific operation to suit him/her; however, the choice of procedure, technique or option may differ in cases of particular women as all mothers experience the transformation in a different manner with distinctive postpartum desires for attaining new you and restoring


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