Sat. May 25th, 2024


Actress Mrunal Thakur has triggered our taste buds with her oh-so-cool April photo dump on Instagram. From relishing a wholesome South Indian thali to channelling her “papad monster”, the actress has done it all in April. The series began with a selfie where Mrunal crossed out “day dreaming” and replaced it with “always dreaming.” The next photo showed her doing yoga, cuddling with her cat, and enjoying a yummy spread. We can spot papad, sambar, dal, uttapam, stir-fried beetroot and curd. There was also a clip of her sipping coconut water with a metal straw. She has also shared a glimpse of her sunset time and a glass of wine. The most adorable moment was when she playfully posed with a plate of khichdi, with papad sticks resembling teeth, dubbing herself the “Papad monster.”

The text attached to the post read, “Heart full of love and a camera filled with memories.”

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Are you also carving a wholesome meal? We are here to help you. Here are some recipes we have picked for you

Masoor Dal Khichdi Recipe

Khichdi is a comfort food. Agree? A bowl of piping hot khichdi with oodles of ghee has the power to uplift your mood. So just like Mrunal Thakur, channel your inner monster with this one. Recipe here.

Rava Uttapam

This is one of the best breakfast options. Best part? It is the best way of adding vegetables to your diet. Serve it with coconut chutney. Recipe here.

Arachuvita Sambar

Add a unique twist to your regular sambar recipe with this one. All you need to do is ground all the ingredients and you are good to go. Recipe here.

Beetroot Idli Fry Recipe

You can make beetroot idli for the extra punch of nutrition in your meal. It takes 10 minutes to prepare. Click here for the recipe. 

Masala Papad Recipe

Gone are the days when papad tasted boring. Jazz it up by adding chopped onion and tomatoes to it. Don’t forget to sprinkle some chaat masala before serving. Recipe here.


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