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The Kapoor clan of Bollywood is in full celebration mode today. Reason? It’s the birthday of the incredibly charming Ranbir Kapoor. He turns 41 today. Oh, and, we have pictures from the birthday party. Courtesy: Ranbir’s mother, veteran actress Neetu Kapoor. She has given us a sneak peek into the celebration on Instagram Stories. It turns out that like many of us, Ranbir’s heart has a soft spot for cheesecake. And this was not just any old birthday cake situation. It was a double delight. Neetu Kapoor’s post revealed a table decorated with rose petals with two cheesecakes kept on the table. The first looked to be a decadent glazed cheesecake garnished with berries. Now, for cake number two – it bore a heartwarming message that tugged at our heartstrings, as it read, “Happy Birthday, Raha’s Papa.” Right next to the cakes, we could spot a picture of Ranbir and Alia Bhatt from their wedding. Sharing the pic, Neetu Kapoor wrote, “Birthday celebration with my most special.”

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Hold onto your party hats, because the Kapoor family is not done celebrating yet. It is a doubly special occasion as Ranbir Kapoor’s aunt, Rima Jain, shares a birthday with Ranbir. Neetu Kapoor made sure to give us a glimpse of this double birthday bonanza. In the short clip, we could see the birthday duo, Ranbir and Rima, sitting side by side, ready to dive into a chocolate cake. Ranbir, the birthday boy himself, took the lead in wishing his aunt and even sweetly fed her a slice of cake. Neetu tagged Rima with a heartfelt message, saying, “Happy birthday love and hugs,” accompanied by red heart and hug emojis.

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When it comes to the Kapoor house, cakes are the undisputed stars of their celebrations. Alia Bhatt, the newest member of the family, marked her first birthday post-marriage in March, and her cake was a sight to behold. Shaped like the numbers ‘3’ and ‘0’, it was a berry bonanza with blueberries, strawberries, cranberries, blackberries, and cherries adorning its sweet landscape. Let us just say that this cake was not just eye candy – it was a berry-licious dream come true. Full story here.

We wish a very Happy Birthday to Ranbir Kapoor.

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