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The internet is filled with inspiring stories that leave a lasting impact. We recently came across one such video shared by a food vlogger featuring a 10-year-old boy who lost his father, and his mother left him. Now, to make ends meet for himself and his 14-year-old sister, the kid solely runs a chicken roll stall in Delhi’s Tilak Nagar. The clip opens to show the boy preparing the flatbread for the chicken egg roll. The vlogger asks him who taught him to prepare the dish, to which the little boy responds that he learned it from his father. When the vlogger inquires further, “Papa nahi aate dukaan pe (Papa doesn’t come to the shop?)” he boy reveals, “Papa ki death ho gayi hai (My father has expired)“. All the while, he continues preparing the chicken egg roll.
Once the flatbread is ready, Jaspreet begins assembling the roll. He also discloses that only he and his 14-year-old sister reside at home. His mother resides in Punjab, as she prefers not to stay here after his father’s passing. After frying the egg atop the flatbread, he adds the pre-cooked chicken chunks, green chutney, chopped onion, and mayonnaise. Jaspreet further mentions that he manages this stall alongside his studies. Take a look:
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The comments section was inundated with numerous users showering love and praise on Jaspreet. One comment read, “Bro’s dad raised a true warrior.” Another stated, “The real hero in this surreal world.” “Such a brave little guy,” wrote another. Some expressed their intent to visit his stall and support Jaspreet, with one user stating, “I will meet him and try to help.” Another asked for the location, expressing a desire to assist the kid: “Hi, what’s the location? Would love to help this kid out.” “God bless you and your sister…may you shine bright in the future. You have lots of blessings…you will overcome all this and achieve greatness one day,” commented another person. Alongside these, countless users hailed him as a “real hero.”

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