Sat. Jul 13th, 2024


Celebrated stand-up artist Trevor Noah recently announced that both shows at the Manpho Convention Centre in Bengaluru scheduled for September 27 and 28 were cancelled last minute due to ‘technical issues‘.
The comedian took to Twitter to share the news and also apologised for causing inconvenience and disappointment to his fans. The show was expected to begin at 7.30 pm on September 27. It began nearly 30 minutes late. Then the show ended abruptly as the audience couldn’t hear anything because of bad acoustics.
Expressing that such incident has never happened before, Trevor wrote, “Dear Bengaluru India, I was so looking forward to performing in your amazing city but due to technical issues, we’ve been forced to cancel both shows. We tried everything but because the audience can’t hear the comedians on stage there’s literally no way to do a show. We’ll make sure all ticket holders receive a full refund and again I’m so sorry for both the inconvenience and disappointment this has never happened to us before.”

Fans were left fuming after the show got cancelled. They blamed the organisers for the mismanagement. Many people also complained about parking space issues, poor air conditioning, crowded venue and narrow roads.
Trevor had kickstarted the Indian leg of his ‘Off The Record’ tour in New Delhi with smiles and laughter at the jam-packed auditorium of JLN stadium. Performing his debut gig in India, Trevor, who grew up in South Africa watching Bollywood movies and admitted to being immersed in Indian culture, ran out of neither topics nor laughs in an almost two-hour long show where he covered everything from Indians’ idiosyncrasies to world politics and current events to environmental science.
The comedian will now be performing in Mumbai on September 30 and October 1.


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