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Love Has Won: The Cult of Mother God, a three-part HBO documentary series that premiered on November 13, 2023, is directed and produced by Hannah Olson. The show explores the life and death of Amy Carlson, the leader of the cult Love Has Won. Since its debut, the documentary series has made waves owing to its strange and unsettling truth, which can completely stun even the most skeptical viewer. Let’s investigate the tale of Amy Carlson, who convinced her followers to believe she was the Mother God, a deity-like savior.

Love Has Won(HBO)

The truth behind HBO’s new series Love Has Won: The Cult of Mother God

Filming for the series began three weeks after Amy Carlson’s body was found in a mummified position. Reportedly, the cult Love Has Won was founded in 2006 by Carlson, a former manager at McDonald’s. Her preserved body was discovered by authorities inside a Colorado home in 2021.

Her followers kept her body in a makeshift shrine because they thought she was Mother God, sent to save humanity, and has now ascended to a superior realm of existence. Not only this but, the body was decorated and surrounded by flowers and Christmas lights. This might sound bizarre to many, however, this is the true story behind HBO’s new docu-series.

More about the cult Love Has Won

Amy Carlson was the founder of the Love Has Won spiritual group in the United States. At the time of her death, the movement had between twelve and twenty full-time followers. The documentary demonstrates how Carlson and her male acquaintances, whom she referred to as Father God, influenced a group of approximately twenty people who looked up to her. The docu-series was put together utilizing a variety of videos, live footage, and in-depth interviews with cult members.

The first episode delves into Amy Carlson’s relationship with Amerith White Eagle, her first Father God figure. Carlson relocated to Colorado to be with him after they became friends. The episode focuses on Carlson’s evolving connections with several Father Gods, whose cooperation eventually better served her objectives at the time.

Reportedly, Carlson left her third husband, her kids, and her position as a manager at McDonald’s to join White Eagle in Colorado. In her early teenage years, Carlson was noted as an exceptional straight-A student by her family. However, as she entered early adulthood, she began discussing “unusual concepts,” as per her family.

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