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Swifties harass Maya Benberry after Travis Kelce cheating claims
Swifties harass Maya Benberry after Travis Kelce cheating claims

Travis Kelce’s ex-girlfriend, Maya Benberry, who warned Taylor Swift about her allegedly cheating ex has been reportedly receiving death threats.

The NFL star’s ex surfaced just after Taylor Swift sent the internet into a frenzy by fueling her romance rumours with new love interest Travis Kelce after attending the Kansas City Chief’s NFL game.

According to Radar Online, Benberry, who dated the Kansas City Chiefs tight-end in 2016, accused the sports star of cheating in their relationship, after their split.

In an interview with Daily Mail, Travis’ ex accused him of being a cheater and a narcissist, claiming that he won’t change.

She claims that she has been harassed by Taylor Swift fans, often referred to as Swifties, since her comments regarding her ex.

As per the publication, some of the sarcastic comments labelled Benberry’s allegations against Travis a low-blow attempt for 15 minutes of fame. 

Some of the Swifties went to far more extreme levels. Despite Benberry insisting that she had nothing against the pop sensation, she claimed that she had received death threats.

Benberry also took a swipe at the Swifties, declaring them aggressive, negative, and very hypocritical. 


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