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Raveena Tandon and Akshay Kumar had a history together in the 1990s. Their on-screen chemistry in their 1994 film Mohra soon translated into a real-life romantic relationship. However, their relationship hit a rough patch after rumors of Akshay’s alleged involvement with other actresses started surfacing. And it looks like Raveena has put the past behind her and refused to answer a question on Akshay’s infidelity.
During her interview with Lehren Retro, the interviewer expressed shock when Raveena said that she has signed Welcome to the Jungle with Akshay. When she was asked about infidelity while hinting at her breakup with Akshay, Raveena chose to remain poised and said, “I would rather not discuss that.”
When she was further prodded about infidelity, Raveena said that every relationship, not just romantic relationships, is based on faith, love, honesty and trust and this rule applies to all kinds of relationships that one has in life.On being asked if she and her husband Anil Thadani ever discussed their past relationships with each other, Raveena said that even though they didn’t know each other personally, they knew of each other so they never discussed anything. He added that Anil prefers not to discuss things that are very personal to him and his past and neither she does.
Raveena then opened up about her love story with Anil and revealed that she had first spotted him at a Valentine’s Day party but they started dating each other two years after that. They met and started talking on August 4, 2003 and by February 2004, they were married.
The actress wasn’t aware of the fact that Anil was the one who distributed her debut film Patthar Ke Phool. Their first work meeting happened when Raveena was making a movie called Stumped.
For the uninitiated, Anil had gone through a divorce before he met Raveena. It was reported that Raveena and Akshay got engaged in a private ceremony in 1995. After the rumours of infidelity, their engagement was called off.

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