Tue. Apr 16th, 2024

Prince Harry recently said that thought of getting US citizenship has crossed his mind

Prince Harry was forced to rethink about his decision of getting American citizenship after he lost his High Court challenge against the government over his security during UK visits.

Even though the Duke of Sussex has announced has his plans to appeal the decision, a legal expert has claimed that he might “reconsider” American citizenship.

Speaking with The Express, Paul Britton claimed that lacking sufficient security assurances upon his return to the UK, Harry will likely reassess his choice to pursue US citizenship for himself and his family.

He said of the legal setback, “The decision was not irrational or marred by procedural unfairness,” adding Harry’s lawyers had taken “an inappropriate, formalist interpretation of the Ravec process.”

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“This decision has been eagerly anticipated by the legal community and the judgement was conclusive – the decision made by Ravec will not be changed and Prince Harry’s security protection in the UK will not be increased. How this affects Prince Harry’s next steps is yet to be seen,” he continued.

“Many anticipate that, without what he feels is adequate security in place to protect him and his family on their return to the UK, he will soon reconsider the decision to become a US citizen.

Britton further said, “The complication in all of this is his current US visa application which is currently subject to its own legal battle.”

“This latest defeat for Prince Harry is no doubt crushing given the circumstances.”

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