Sat. Jun 15th, 2024


King Charles very quietly appoints Robert Hardman in winning PR move
King Charles ‘very quietly’ appoints Robert Hardman in winning ‘PR move’

King Charles has effectively chosen his biographer in a winning PR move. 

His Majesty has maintained his position as Robert Hardman has been allowed access to important Palace documents.

Speaking about Hardman’s new book, former tabloid editor David Yelland speaks on  BBC podcast, “When It Hits the Fan”: “Choosing your biographer is a very big thing. With respect to the King and the late Queen and the Royal Household, they’ve also had to lean into this dilemma – who do you let in, who do you choose?

“Very quietly and with no sound, Robert Hardman – whose day job is with the Daily Mail – has been allowed access to papers and to members of the Royal Family.”

“He is the man, they’ve chosen him,” said Mr Yelland. “For the rest of his life, Hardman will now be the chosen person.

“This is a big change. It will be controversial in some parts of the world, for example in California, Harry and Meghan’s team already think the Mail are too close to the palace and the palace must be aware of that.”

“If you’re the palace press team, whatever Hardman writes in future has credibilit,” he explained..

“In a way you’re investing in the individual, not the newspaper and I think it’s the correct PR strategy.

“It is a big move, it is a very big thing. It has not really been dwelt on probably by anyone else It’s a big move it’s important.”


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