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Hugh Hefner’s former girlfriend Holly Madison has revealed why she didn’t mourn the Playboy founder’s death in 2017. In an interaction with People, Madison shared that when Hefner died, the world expected her to react in a big way. She highlighted that she didn’t have any sentimental attachment left for the Playboy founder.

Hugh Hefner (Reuters File Photo)
Hugh Hefner (Reuters File Photo)

“When he passed away, everybody expected me to have some big reaction or post about it on social media, and it just felt weird. I didn’t have any emotional attachment to him anymore in any way,” said Madison.

“I’d already come out talking about what a toxic relationship this was for me. Why am I supposed to post a memorial on my Instagram?,” she explained.

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During the interaction, Madison highlighted how she suffered while in a relationship with Hefner. She shared that the Playboy founder was fake to her and tried to control her.

“Not relief at all, because I felt like I had taken myself kind of out of that universe pretty solidly. But it was a really odd time. For me, after leaving that relationship, I kind of felt like he had always interacted with me in such a fake way. Because every interaction he had with me was all about control or this fantasy he had of a relationship. It almost felt like playing house in a way,” said Madison.

The 43-year-old talked about the phase when she was not at all interested in speaking to Hefner after having left the Playboy mansion. Madison revealed that before Hefner’s death, she had not been talking to him for five or six years.

“Why would I want to talk to a robot? Everything he says to me is just going to be designed to get a certain reaction, designed to keep me on his good side. It just didn’t feel authentic. Before he passed away, there had been maybe five or six years where I just had not spoken to him at all. He had become a completely different character in my mind,” shared Madison.


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