Mon. Mar 4th, 2024

Come Bigg Boss 17 Weekend Ka Waar and it’s another getting scolded by host Salman Khan. A new promo for an upcoming episode shows it’s Abhishek Kumar’s turn to get a thrashing. The promo shows Salman calling him fake and slamming him for using derogatory words against ex-girlfriend Isha Malviya, who is also a contestant on the show. Also read: Bigg Boss 17: Rashami Desai feels ‘Abhishek Kumar’s fake’, wants him to understand the show is different every year

Abhishek Kumar gets an earful from Salman Khan in new Bigg Boss 17 promo.

Salman gives Abhishek a verbal thrashing

The new promo shows Salman Khan scolding him for what he told Isha inside the house. An upset looking Salman tells him, “Charge karna, chillana… most nakli contestant is ghar me jo hain wo hain Abhishek. Same tone aap mujhpe use karlijiyega aur main aapko bataunga. Isha ko ye kahna ki raat ko kahi aur ja kar…agar ye baat mere saamne ki hoti to main aako nichod deta (Charging towards Isha, screaming at her…if there is the most contestant in the Bigg Boss house, it is Abhishek. Telling Isha to go somewhere for the night… had you said the same thing in front of me, I would have wrung you).”

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Colors shared the Bigg Boss 17 promo with the caption: “Salman makes his stand clear against Abhishek’s behaviour.”

What the viewers think

Some viewers were of the opinion that Salman should scold Isha as well for poking Abhishek and taking part in the conversation. One such comments read, “M not Abhishek fan but ..yaha abhishek glt h toh isha b glt h ..vo koi dudh ki dhuli ni h…Salman sir bole the.. ‘talli do hath se bjti h’.. toh ab sirf Abhishek ko hi kyu …ek insan kitna hi control krga … Isha ne pok krna start kiya tha … Isha ne usko phle bola night stand then steroids wali bt .. toh vo b toh bolega na …itna bedh bhav kyu …man women dono ko equal rights h (If Abhishek is wrong, then Isha is also wrong here. Why to scold only Abhishek then? How much will a person control, Isha had started poking him. Isha poked him about night stand and steroids, so he will also say something. Why this partiality when men and women have equal rights)?”

A viewer also wrote, “Thank god someone really needed to stop this earthquake Abhishek he is out of control. Everything is a game plan for him. All he knows to do is shout, shout and shout and get into people’s personal space. He has seen previous seasons and he knows for what reasons audiences hate contestants and he is trying really hard to make people do that. For example he was provoking Arun to not give them ration yesterday even after everything was calm.”

Another comment read: “He is the fakeest contestant. Kal tak a bol raha tha ki pyar karta hai agar aisa pyar hai to nahin chahie kisi ko bhi (till almost yesterday he was saying that he loves Isha, no one wants such kind of love).”

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