Sat. Jul 13th, 2024


BENGALURU: Karnataka’s Higher Education Minister, M C Sudhakar, has stated that the State Education Policy will be “inclusive” and will uphold the country’s secular values while also creating job opportunities for students. The Congress government recently established an expert committee to develop the Karnataka State Education Policy.
During an interview with PTI at the “Asian Summit on Education and Skills,” Minister Sudhakar mentioned that the government has assembled a comprehensive committee, led by former UGC Chairman Professor Sukhdev Thorat.
“We have set up a substantial committee for both primary and higher education. We have set a deadline of February 28, 2024, for them to submit their report. They are commencing their work, and the policy they will propose will be inclusive, preserving the country’s secular values,” Sudhakar stated.
“We cannot afford the education system to be penetrated with certain ideological issues that we are facing in politics right now. Our students and graduates should be free of all these issues,” he said.
The committee has been given certain terms and references for drafting the policy, he said. “We are hoping for a very inclusive policy which will be very well accepted by various other states in the future.”
“….ultimately, our aim is to create employability at the end of the day. Our agenda is mainly to create employability as far as possible,” the minister said.
During the budget speech in the Legislative Assembly in July, Chief Minister Siddaramaiah attacked the National Education Policy (NEP), saying it is incompatible with the federal system and has several anomalies which undermine the Constitution and democracy.
Siddaramaiah had said the Karnataka government would formulate a new education policy keeping in mind the local social, cultural and economic milieu of the state.
The new policy would elevate the higher education standards in the state to the global level and empower youth to compete globally and gain meaningful employment opportunities, he had said.
“The Uniform Education System does not suit a nation like India which has diverse religions, languages and cultures,” Siddaramaiah had said.


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