Wed. Jun 19th, 2024


Shortly after assuming office, the Congress-led government in Karnataka is preparing for a comprehensive overhaul of textbooks for classes 1 to 10, set to be implemented in the upcoming academic year. The government has established a new committee responsible for revising the state’s educational curriculum. This comprehensive effort encompasses the revision of Kannada language textbooks for both first and second languages across classes 1 to 10, as well as third language Kannada textbooks for classes 9 and 10, and social science textbooks spanning classes 6 to 10.
Comprising 37 members, including education experts and academicians, the committee has been granted a three-month timeframe to complete the revision of textbooks prior to the commencement of the academic year 2024-25. The principal objective of this 37-member committee is to offer educational guidance and recommendations to the government concerning the revision of textbooks in the specified subjects and classes. The directive also stipulates the provision of monthly honorariums and other facilities to both the chief coordinator and other committee members, in effect for the next three months.
Earlier in June, the state government had mandated approximately 18 changes to the syllabi of Kannada and Social Science subjects for classes 6 to 10. In order to oversee this revision process, the government has appointed Manjunath Hegde, a retired professor of history, as the chief coordinator of the committee. This committee consists of several subject-specific presidents as well.
Hegde, hailing from Uttara Kannada district, has been designated as the chief coordinator of the committee. Under his leadership, five separate subject-specific textbook revision committees will be established. For instance, Anjanappa, a Kannada professor at Tunga Mahavidyalaya in Shivamogga, serves as the president of the first language Kannada textbook revision committee, which includes 10 members. Likewise, HS Sathyanarayan, a Kannada lecturer at Government Girls PU College in Chikkamagaluru, presides over the second language Kannada textbook revision committee, also consisting of 10 members.
What were the earlier changes?
Notable changes include replacing RSS founder K.B. Hedgewar’s Nijavada Adarsha Purusha Yaragabeku with Sukumara Swamiya Kathe by Shivakotyacharya in Class X Kannada textbook and Kalavannu Geddavaru by K.T. Gatti on Hindutva ideologue V.D. Savarkar with Blood Group by Vijayamala Ranganath in Class VIII textbook. Bhoo Kailasa, a play by Parampalli Narasimha Aithal, was also dropped and replaced with Magalige Bareda Patra, a translation of Jawaharlal Nehru’s letter to Indira Gandhi, a Class VIII Kannada textbook. Sara Aboobacker’s Yudha, a Class X Kannada textbook came in place of Shatavadhani R. Ganesh’s Shreshta Bharatiya Chintanegalu. In the Class X Kannada textbook, a prose piece by Hindutva proponent Chakravarthy Sulibele, titled Taayi Bharatiya Amara Putraru was removed too without a replacement.


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