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The NTA is going to conduct the first session of the Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) Mains 2024 January 24 onwards. With around three months left, aspirants must be gearing up and making the best use of the time left to score well. The last 90 days are highly important for JEE preparations and therefore, it is recommended to make the most of it by thoroughly revising and preparing for the exam and attempting mock tests.

JEE Main 2024: Last 90 days' study plan (Mourya/ Hindustan Times)
JEE Main 2024: Last 90 days’ study plan (Mourya/ Hindustan Times)

Students will undoubtedly benefit from working on their weakest areas and improving it well in time. Ideally, all serious candidates should have wither finished the curriculum or about to finish by this point.

Here are some suggestions they can follow in the last 90 days of JEE Main preparation:

Important topics from each subject

Around 45 per cent of the questions in the JEE exam are from the Class XI syllabus, while 55 per cent are from the Class XII syllabus. The following topics from each subject, Physics, Chemistry and mathematics can be focussed upon –

1. Mathematics – Focus on subjects including quadratic equations and expressions, complex numbers, probability, vectors, and matrices in algebra; circles, parabolas, and hyperbolas in coordinate geometry; and functions, limits, continuity, and differentiability, as well as the use of derivatives and the definite integral in calculus.

2. Physics: Students can focus more on topics like – Waves & Sound, Kinematics, Gravitation, Electromagnetic Induction, Optics & Modern Physics, Fluids, Heat & Thermodynamics, Capacitors & Electrostatics, Magnetics.

3. Chemistry: Simply read the NCERT for Inorganic Chemistry and study the periodic table in general. Build up your knowledge of all the fundamental ideas before beginning to practise a lot for the organic section. Practise as many numerical problems as you can for the physical component. Coordination Chemistry and Chemical Bonding in Inorganic Chemistry, Electrochemistry, Chemical and Ionic Equilibrium, the Mole Concept in Physical Chemistry, and Organic Chemistry are all fundamental topics.

With only 90 days remaining, what should the strategy be like?

The remaining time must be intelligently utilised to improve resolving problems with concept knowledge, reducing the time required to solve a particular problem, recognising errors, and making necessary corrections.

Generally, one should use this time to reinforce their preparation by putting their attention on problem-solving and strengthening their weaker areas. The following advice will be useful if you are a serious candidate, have been studying for some time, and have covered the majority of the JEE syllabus.

The following points should be kept in mind:

  • It’s important to practise JEE level questions because they develop your analytical and logical thinking. By completing prior JEE assessments, you can get a good understanding of the questions to expect and adapt to the format of the test. Develop speed by solving JEE level problems with time management.
  • Refer to NCERT Books as they serve as the foundation to such competitive exams.
  • Take a mock-test series to develop a strong exam mindset. Sample exams provide a good indication of the format of the questions and aid with time management.
  • Try focussing on your weaker areas and improve your concepts to achieve good scores.
  • Keep in mind that quality rather than quantity is what matters. Therefore, after an hour or two of focused study, take a five to ten minute break. When you take a break, relax completely.
  • Proper and timely planning is the secret to effective preparation. Finally, on the test day, relative performance will be important. You will succeed in JEE Main 2024 if you gather and apply tips, boost your confidence, and have an optimistic outlook.

Author Saurabh Kumar is Chief Academics Officer (CAO), Vidyamandir Classes (VMC). Views are personal.


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