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Although the state Public Service Commission (PSC) exams come next to the UPSC exams in terms of rank and status, they form a very important career choice for most aspirants, especially from non-technical backgrounds. However, it is also true that there has been a craze among technical graduates to come to this service despite their technical degrees.

Five essential tips to keep in mind while preparing for State Public Service Commission exams. (HT file)

But the fact remains that there are certain subjects that the candidates regardless of their backgrounds are required to be familiar with for cracking the PSC exams. For instance, subjects like history, geography, political science, and economics are essential for creating the foundation concerning the preliminary exams.

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Dr Ratul Rajkhowa former professor of Zoology, at Cotton University and currently the director of GMB Tutorials said, “It is imperative for all candidates to be thorough with the syllabus and the right kind of books and reading materials to crack PSC examinations. Dedication and hard work, of course, are integral to the entire journey of preparation.”

Barsha Das, who cracked the Assam Public Service Commission examinations in 2022, spoke to Hindustan Times and said that one cannot do without a proper knowledge of the core subjects of history, geography, political science, and economics clearing the PSC exams. The best source for these subjects is the NCERT books from Class 6 onwards.

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Once the candidate cracks the prelims, the preparation for the mains takes a different turn. This article is an attempt to underline the significant aspects of preparing for the PSC exams. Check out the points that experts have suggested for a successful preparation journey.

1.Acquaintance with the syllabus

As is the case with any institutional exams, the PSC exams also demand a thorough acquaintance with the syllabus as well as the pattern of the exams on the part of the candidates. Consequently, the candidates aspiring to sit for the PSC exams must acquire a thorough understanding of the subjects to be studied and how the preparation should be done.

2.Tackling question papers of previous years

All state PSCs usually have their official websites. The candidates need to visit these websites and download the question papers of previous years as much as they can and start solving them. But before trying to solve the question papers, the candidates should try to read the question papers repeatedly to understand the nature of the questions asked and the answers sought. Next, it is important to mark the questions they are familiar with and those they are not with different marking pens.

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3.Answering previous years’ question papers

Once the candidates become familiar with the question papers, the process of answering the questions should start. It is to be kept in mind that no question should be left out, although more emphasis should be laid on questions that are usually repeated from time to time. For questions that appear to be difficult, candidates should approach experts and also discuss peer groups.

4.Forming peer groups

However much the candidates may prepare for the PSC exams on their own, there will certainly be areas of confusion and difficulties at the time of preparation. It is imperative therefore that PSC aspirants form peer groups to tide over such confusing situations, and at the same time, sharpen their knowledge of things. They should also try to take mock tests as much as they can, and check the answers mutually to lend objectivity to the evaluation.

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5.Maintaining familiarity with the media

It is needless to say that a thorough acquaintance with current affairs is mandatory for PSC aspirants. The role of media therefore becomes incumbent upon them to succeed in the examinations. As such, candidates should make it a habit to read both the regional and national dailies regularly. At the same time, they must also keep cuttings of important news and events for reference. Additionally, they ought to watch news and talk shows across channels.

All said it is the sincerity of approach and integrity of purpose that form the basics of the preparation for the Public Service Commission exams.

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