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The safety and well-being of Indian students studying in Canada have been a topic of concern since the India-Canada row, thanks to political and diplomatic differences between the two countries. While international students, including those from India, continue to choose Canada for their education, it’s essential to address the question: Are Indian students safe in Canada now? Well, instances of violence or discrimination against Indian students due to the India-Canada row have been rare till now. While Canada generally remains a safe and welcoming destination for Indian students, it’s wise to take precautionary measures to ensure your safety and well-being, especially after the diplomatic tensions surfaced.
Maintaining a list of emergency contacts, including local authorities, your institution, and your country’s embassy or consulate is crucial for your safety. Having these important emergency contacts readily available can give you peace of mind during your stay in Canada as you will know who to contact during an emergency. Here’s the list. Remember to feed these numbers into your phone and keep a written list in case your phone is unavailable.
In case of emergencies, such as theft, accidents, or any criminal activities, dial 911. This number will connect you to the police, who will respond to your situation promptly.
Fire Department
For fire-related emergencies, including building fires, gas leaks, or other fire hazards, call 911 to reach the local fire department.
If there is a medical emergency requiring immediate attention and transportation to a hospital, call 911 for an ambulance.
Campus Security
Your educational institution likely has its own campus security service. Be sure to have their contact information, including the emergency line, in case you face any security issues on campus.
International Student Services
The international student office at your institution can provide assistance with various matters, including visa issues, accommodation problems, and cultural adjustment. Keep their contact information handy.
Indian High Commission in Ottawa
If you encounter serious legal or consular issues, contact the Indian High Commission in Ottawa. They can provide assistance and support in matters related to Indian citizens.
Consulate General in Toronto, Vancouver, or other locations
Depending on your location, you may have access to an Indian Consulate General. They can assist with various consular services, including passport renewal and emergency travel documents.
Insurance Provider
If you have health or travel insurance, keep your insurance provider’s contact information readily available. In case of medical emergencies or insurance-related questions, you can reach out to them for guidance.
Hospital Information
Know the location and contact details of the nearest hospitals and clinics. In case of a medical emergency, you should be able to reach medical facilities quickly.
Crisis Helplines
Canada has several crisis helplines that offer support for various situations, including mental health crises, domestic violence, and substance abuse. These helplines provide confidential and immediate assistance. Some of these include:
Mental Health Crisis Line: 1-888-494-3888
Assaulted Women Helpline: 1-866-863-0511
Drug and Alcohol Helpline: 1-800-565-8603
Public Transportation
If you use public transportation regularly, keep the contact information for local transportation services like buses, subways, or taxi services.
Trusted Friends
Maintain a list of trusted friends and contacts, both within and outside your institution. They can offer support and assistance in various situations.
Ministry of External Affairs (India)
In case you encounter significant issues requiring the intervention of your home country, the Ministry of External Affairs in India can provide guidance and support.


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