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California [US], November 28: SANQUEST INC, a leading financial institution committed to innovation and inclusivity, proudly announces the launch of the SANQUEST Credit Card – a groundbreaking financial solution designed exclusively for Indian immigrants in the United States, even without a Social Security Number (SSN).

Empowering Indian Immigrants

Recognizing the unique challenges faced by Indian immigrants in establishing their financial footprint in the USA, SANQUEST Credit Cards provide a bridge to financial inclusion. What sets SANQUEST apart is its groundbreaking acceptance of Indian credit reports, enabling immigrants to build credit history without the traditional requirement of an SSN.

Key Features:

No SSN Required: SANQUEST Credit Cards revolutionize the credit landscape by welcoming Indian immigrants without the need for a Social Security Number. This empowers individuals to start building credit history from day one, fostering financial independence.

Indian Credit Report Acceptance: SANQUEST INC understands the financial backgrounds of Indian immigrants. By accepting Indian credit reports, SANQUEST ensures that the credit history individuals bring from their home country is recognized and utilized in their new financial journey.

Tailored Credit Building Programs: SANQUEST Credit Cards come with tailored credit-building programs, allowing immigrants to establish and strengthen their creditworthiness, laying the foundation for future financial opportunities.

Low Foreign Transaction Fees: Facilitating seamless transactions between the USA and India, SANQUEST Credit Cards offer low foreign transaction fees, making cross-border financial activities more cost-effective for cardholders.Streamlined Application Process:

SANQUEST INC understands that simplicity is key, especially for those navigating a new financial system. The application process for SANQUEST Credit Cards is designed to be straightforward, allowing immigrants to access financial tools with ease.

Customer-Centric Support:

SANQUEST INC prides itself on its customer-centric approach. The customer support team is trained to understand and cater to the unique needs of Indian immigrants. Whether it’s clarifying credit terms, assisting with the application process, or addressing concerns, the SANQUEST team is committed to providing a supportive and understanding environment.


“SANQUEST Credit Cards represent a significant leap towards financial inclusivity for Indian immigrants in the USA. We understand the challenges our customers face, and we are proud to offer a solution that not only recognizes their credit history from India but also eliminates the barrier of an SSN requirement.” SANQUEST INC.


SANQUEST INC is a forward-thinking financial institution committed to providing innovative solutions for individuals seeking financial stability and success in the USA. With a focus on inclusivity, SANQUEST Credit Cards redefine the credit landscape for Indian immigrants, enabling them to build a strong financial foundation.

Contact Details:

India office: plot 16 Jayabheri Enclave Gachibowli Hyderabad


USA Office: 2358 university ave san diego #2018 California 92104 USA

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