Thu. Feb 22nd, 2024

Body Found on Beach, Suspected Jump into Sea.

D Karthik, a 20-year-old tribal student from IIT-Hyderabad (IIT-H), who had been missing from the Sangareddy campus since July 17, was discovered dead on Tuesday in Vizag.

Karthik, who was rushing to finish his three backlogs, may have taken his own life by plunging into the sea in front of the Arilova police station in the city, according to the police. Tuesday morning, a deceased corpse was discovered close to the shore. The autopsy has already been completed.

According to Sangareddy Rural SI M Rajesh Naik, Karthik may have leapt into the water since his corpse came ashore on July 20.

Once they have case files from Vishakhapatnam police, authorities will change the missing case to a suspicious death case.

“One of the remains washed up around 10 km from the location where Karthik was last seen, decomposing. His identity was verified using the IMEI number of a cell phone that was discovered in the body’s pants pocket, according to Naik.

You might remember that on July 19, Karthik was last seen at RK beach in Vizag. Police in Vizag looked for him, but their attempts were ineffective.

Karthik was a second-year B-Tech student at IIT-H and a native of Telangana’s Nalgonda district. Karthik’s relatives said that he was an excellent student and the first indigenous person from their little town to attend the esteemed IIT.

According to the Sangareddy police, IIT-H warden M. Gopinath reported the student missing from his dorm room in a police complaint. Karthik’s dorm roommates said that he seemed stressed and dejected and that he was working hard to catch up on his three backlogs. Despite their best efforts, Sangareddy and the Vizag city police were unable to find Karthik since his phone was off and his last known location was Vizag.

The Arilova police have filed a complaint under Section 174 of the Criminal Procedure Code, and an inquiry is ongoing to determine the precise causes of the young person’s severe action.