Thu. May 23rd, 2024


San Antonio leaders were considering an ordinance that would mandate water breaks, until the state legislation was passed. Now, the city is trying to “make sure that there’s a backstop to prevent the most vulnerable members, the workers in our community who deserve those basic things,” Nirenberg said, as the city grapples heat that’s caused a significant increase in emergency calls for heat-related illness and record demands for electricity.

On Thursday, President Joe Biden announced new steps to protect workers from the extreme heat that has plagued many parts of the country in recent weeks, including a new “heat alert” system that will notify employers and employees about ways to avoid dangerous conditions.

“What the announcement from President Biden will do is make sure that employers and employees know their rights, that there are protections in place also to ramp up enforcement activities through OSHA,” Nirenberg said.

“But the reality of the legislation I mentioned is the fact that [House Bill] 2127, which was passed by the legislature, upends 70-plus years of local authorities that have been adopted through city constitution, city charters, in cities all across the state.”


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