Sat. Feb 24th, 2024

Amid ruckus in Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha over Manipur issue, LS Speaker allowed Oppn’s No-confidence motion on Wednesday. (Photos: PTI/ANI)

Although the decision to move the no-confidence motion is that of the united Opposition, Gogoi, who is an MP from Assam, moved the motion.

After a major ruckus over Manipur issue, Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla on Wednesday admitted a no-confidence motion moved by Congress MP Gaurav Gogoi against the Narendra Modi government. He added that the time of the debate will be set and informed to the House.

After the House met at 12pm, the Speaker said he received the notice from Gogoi to move a motion of no-confidence against the government.

He asked members supporting the admission of the motion to stand after which INDIA alliance members, including Congress parliamentary party chief Sonia Gandhi and National Conference chief Farooq Abdullah, stood up for a head count. Birla then admitted the motion expressing want of confidence in the Union Council of Ministers.

Birla said a date and time for discussion on it will be fixed by him after consultation with all parties.

Decision to Move No-confidence Over Manipur

The alliance of 26 opposition parties, INDIA, had decided to move the motion in order to make Prime Minister Narendra Modi speak in Parliament on the Manipur violence, senior leaders of the front said. Although the no-confidence motion by opposition parties is bound to fail the numbers test, opposition parties argue that they will win the battle of perception by cornering the government on the Manipur issue during the debate.

They contend that it is also a strategy to make the prime minister speak in Parliament on the crucial matter even as the government has been insisting that Union Home Minister Amit Shah will reply to the debate on the Manipur situation.

No-confidence Motion: Modi’s ‘prediction’ from 2019 Goes Viral

With the opposition planning to bring a no-confidence motion against his government, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s reply to such a motion in 2019 has gone viral wherein he mockingly tells the parties behind it that they should prepare to table a similar exercise in 2023 as well. “I want to send you my good wishes that you prepare so much that you get a chance to bring a no-confidence again in 2023,” he had said while replying in Lok Sabha to the no-confidence motion in 2019, ahead of the general elections.

Government sources shared this part of Modi’s speech to highlight his “prediction”. Responding to an opposition member, Modi said it was the consequence of arrogance that the Congress’ tally fell from over 400 at one time to nearly 40 in the 2014 Lok Sabha polls.

It is due to the spirit of service that the BJP rose from two seats to winning power on its own, he had said.

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