Sun. May 19th, 2024

Calls It Unbearable and Terrible Barbie

After witnessing the movie Barbie, directed by Greta Gerwig, singer Sona Mohapatra expressed her disappointment on social media. The singer admitted that she had not visited a theater in a while but that she now regretted choosing the movie.

Margot Robbie plays the title character in Barbie, and Ryan Gosling plays her boyfriend Ken. At the international box office, Barbie had the biggest debut of the year, followed closely by Christopher Nolan’s Oppenheimer.

“Can’t believe I went to a theater after eons and subjected myself to an unbearable, terrible #Barbie,” Sona posted on Twitter. The fact that a group of desi Barbies talked loudly at all times the entire movie was terrible.

The well-appointed, luxuriant 40+ seating theater in Jio Drive was the one saving grace.

Sona Mohapatra tweeted: “Can’t believe I went to a theater after eons and subjected myself to an intolerable, terrible #Barbie.” The fact that several desi Barbies talked loudly throughout the entire movie was terrible. The well-appointed, elegant 40-seater theatre in Jio Drive was the only saving grace.

Twitter user Sona Mohapatra (@sonamohapatra) July 25, 2023

The singer’s fanbase responded to her tweet in a variety of ways. Others recommended her to learn more about the movie before viewing it, while others responded in a hilarious way.

Sona is not the only famous Indian to not enjoy the movie.

Actor Juhi Parmar had already published a lengthy essay denouncing the movie and labeling it a PG 13 flick. Within 15 minutes of the movie starting, the actress revealed that she and her daughter walked out of the theater. “Dear Barbie, I start by owning up to my mistake, I took my 10 year old daughter Samairra to watch your film without researching the fact that it was a “PG-13″ movie,” she wrote at the beginning of the lengthy post. Ten minutes into the movie, there was offensive language and sexual overtones, and I was anxiously rushing out of the theater, wondering what I had just exposed my child to. She had been anticipating seeing your movie, and I was absolutely surprised, let down, and devastated by what I had just revealed her to.