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Rahul Gandhi’s efforts to “defame” the BJP and the RSS will not succeed as people know the truth and will give their mandate to Prime Minister Narendra Modi again in 2024, the BJP said on Thursday.

The party’s reaction came after Gandhi alleged that the BJP and RSS are only interested in power and are working towards dividing the country as they do not care about the sorrow and pain of the people.

Hitting back, BJP national spokesperson Sambit Patra said there is no ideological battle currently on in the country but a battle for the development and progress of the country against dynastic politics and corruption.

“Rahul Gandhi made efforts to mislead the country with his remarks about the BJP and the RSS and he continues to do so even today,” Patra alleged.

“Rahul Gandhi believes that there is an ideological battle going on in the country but this is not the reality. On one side, there is ‘vikasdhaara’ (stream of development) while on the other, there is ‘parivaar ki dhara’ (stream of family),” he said.

“On one side there is deliberation on the development and progress of the country while on the other side, the concern is how to take scams, corruption, dynastic politics forward,” the BJP leader told a press conference at the party headquarters.

Patra also slammed Gandhi over his allegation that the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) wants to capture all the institutions in the country and deploy their people there, saying both the judiciary and the Election Commission should take cognisance of his remarks.

“I was surprised when I saw that video. I believe that the judiciary should take cognisance of it where he very clearly says that the Indian judiciary as an institution is in control of the BJP and the RSS,” the BJP leader said.

Gandhi says again and again that the Election Commission is controlled by the BJP and the RSS, Patra said, adding the poll panel should also take “strict cognisance” of it.

“I am surprised (by Gandhi’s remarks). A few days ago when the Congress won Karnataka elections, the Election Commission was fine. In the rest of the states, when the BJP wins, the Election Commission comes under control (of the BJP),” he said.

“Such kinds of statements show the truth of the Congress,” he charged.

Patra also hit out at Gandhi over his remarks on the Manipur violence, alleging that the Congress leader’s efforts are not intended to find a solution to the problem and restore normalcy in the northeastern state but to reap political dividend out of the prevailing situation there.

He said that Home Minister Amit Shah in his letter to Congress president Mallikarjun Kharge has clearly explained on what points discussion should be held and what kind of discussion should take place on Manipur in Parliament.

Shah also made it clear that the government and the ruling BJP are “ready to discuss every topic on Manipur on the floor of Parliament,” Patra said.

“Despite this call for discussion, not allowing any kind of discussion on Manipur on the floor of Parliament only projects the fact that Congress and certain political parties in this country want to derive political benefit and political dividend rather than trying to give a healing touch,” he charged.

“He (Gandhi) only talks about ‘mohabbat ki dukan’ (shop of love). In reality, he does not truly believe in his (pitch for) ‘mohabbat ki dukan’,” Patra charged, adding, “Congress doesn’t want discussion on this sensitive matter. It wants ‘ghamasaan’ (fight) on it. It wants to create a ruckus with the sole motive of deriving some political benefit out of this.” The BJP spokesperson said that by changing name of the opposition alliance and incorporating “INDIA” in it will neither erase the “misdeeds” of the Congress and its allies nor help them win the 2024 Lok Sabha polls.

“After incorporating ‘INDIA’ in the name (of the opposition alliance), Rahul Gandhi is feeling that he has won the election…thinking that they will win the 2024 Lok Sabha elections,” Patra said, taking a dig at the Congress and its allies.

The BJP spokesperson said that all the scams including 2G spectrum scam, CWG scam and coal scam are still fresh in the minds of the people of the country.

“People do not consider these scams as synonyms of INDIA. It’s not name but work that yields results. The people of the country know what is good for India…. They know very well that Prime Minister Narendra Modi is relentlessly working for India’s progress relentlessly and he is going to be the prime minister in 2024 once again,” Patra added.

Twenty-six opposition parties have formed the Indian National Developmental Inclusive Alliance (INDIA) to take on the BJP-led coalition in the 2024 Lok Sabha polls.

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