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Opposition’s ‘INDIA’ alliance MPs chanted 'INDIA-INDIA' and 'Manipur-Manipur' slogans among others as as EAM Jaishankar made a statement.

Opposition’s ‘INDIA’ alliance MPs chanted ‘INDIA-INDIA’ and ‘Manipur-Manipur’ slogans among others as as EAM Jaishankar made a statement.

Jaishankar launched a scathing criticism against the Opposition in Rajya Sabha, condemning their disruptions during his statement and questioned their commitment to India’s national interests

High drama was seen in Rajya Sabha on Thursday during Union External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar’s statement, as INDIA alliance MPs raised slogans of “INDIA, INDIA” and demanded Prime Minister Narendra Modi to address the Manipur issue, which was countered by NDA MPs chanting “Modi, Modi” in favor of the BJP government at the Centre.

Jaishankar spoke suo moto in the House to brief members, providing updates on India’s foreign policy achievements and Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s recent international visits despite constant interruptions from opposition members.

During the proceedings, the opposition chanted slogans like ‘INDIA, INDIA’ and ‘Manipur Manipur,’ criticising the prime minister. In response, the ruling side countered with chants of ‘Modi, Modi.’

Following disruptions during his statement, Jaishankar launched a scathing criticism against the Opposition by mocking their alliance’s name ‘INDIA’ and questioned their commitment to India’s national interests.

He expressed deep disappointment at their prioritisation of “partisan politics,” deeming it a regrettable state of affairs. “It is not just a government’s achievement but an achievement for the country,” he said.

Highlighting that India’s president and prime minister have received the highest honors from other nations, Jaishankar stated, “If you cannot respect the president, cannot respect the vice president, cannot respect the prime minister, if you won’t allow the foreign minister to make a statement in the House; then it’s a very sorry state of affairs.”

“In matters of national interests, politics should be set aside,” he said.

The sloganeering by both treasury benches and the opposition led to a brief adjournment of proceedings.

Soon after the House met at 12 noon, after an initial adjournment, Chairman Jagdeep Dhankhar allowed Leader of Opposition Mallikarjun Kharge to to raise questions on Jaishankar’s statement but treasury benches started raising slogans. The opposition members also countered them and raised slogans, triggering an uproar

Slogans like “kaale kapde, kaala kaam, nahin sahega Hindustan” were heard in the House when the Kharge rose to speak. The remark was in reference to the opposition members wore black clothes in protest for not being allowed to raise the Manipur issue

The reference was towards the opposition members who were wearing black clothes as a mark of protest for not allowing them to raise the Manipur issue in the House.

As the sloganeering continued, Kharge said, “I have not seen a ruling party obstructing an opposition leader. The government itself is obstructing…”. Despite Dhankhar relaxing rule 251 to permit the Opposition to raise the issue, disruptions continued. Dhankhar expressed disappointment at the disruptions and adjourned the House.

“You did not listen to the Foreign minister, who was listing out the historical achievements of the country,” Dhankhar said, while pleading with the members to maintain order.

After his appeals for order in the House failed, the chairman adjourned the proceedings till 2 pm.

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